Live Updates — Ryan Day Tuesday Presser, Oct. 29

Ryan Day Ohio State Buckeyes Head Coach

COLUMBUS — Ohio State head coach Ryan Day will meet with reporters Tuesday at 12:00 pm to recap Saturday’s win over the Wisconsin Badgers and to answer questions regarding his team and the upcoming open week for the Buckeyes. We will provide updates as they happen, so please refresh for the latest once the festivities get underway at noon.

+ There isn’t one major flaw that needs fixed, but there are some little things that need to be cleaned up. It’s not one thing, it’s a lot of smaller things.

+ Day doesn’t think this team will read the press clippings.

+ The Wisconsin touchdown in the third quarter was the first time this team had their backs against the wall and they responded very well.

+ When you’re at Ohio State, you’re already in the limelight and the guys already have enough spotlight, so you don’t really need award campaigns. Recruiting is going as good as it can go.

+ If you’re looking to get Chase Young the Heisman, the mindset of voters needs to change. It’s been an offensive award and will continue to be without a change. Not that Chase Young is concerned with any of that. Day believes the Heisman should go to the best player.

+ “If we can win the line of scrimmage, we can beat anybody.”

+ Garrett Wilson continues to progress comparatively to Chris Olave last year. “The second half of the season will be good for him.” Wilson is making a strong move to be the punt returner.

+ They will try to get out this week and see as many recruits as they can, committed and uncommitted. They will also reach out and continue to recruit Ohio. He made it to seven in-state high schools yesterday.

+ On improving penalties from last season, it goes back to the guys and how disciplined they are. They had players run laps during practice and still do when they commit penalties. “In this kind of a game, you have to be clean.” If you get off schedule due to penalties, you could have lost this last game. Justin Fields allowed them to get back on schedule on some third-and-longs. They did a nice job of avoiding blocks in the back on the punt return and fumble return.

+ He told Justin Fields before the Wisconsin game that he was going to have to run the ball more because of the weather. During the game, they kept talking about big hits and Fields kept telling Day that he was fine and good to go. “He said if you need me to run, I’ll run,” and that was after he went to the medical tent.

+ Day credits Master Teague’s success late in games to his strength and freshness against a defense that might be a bit tired, but also an offensive line that is moving people. It’s a difficult task to run the ball when the defense knows it’s coming, but they are doing a great job of it at the end of games.

+ Regarding applying for a sixth year for Justin Hilliard, Day says that will be up to Hilliard at the end of the year and they’ll talk about it then. He doesn’t think Hilliard is really focused on that right now.

+ Regarding the Heisman candidates and giving them pub, if you lose a game, none of it matters anymore.

+ It sounds fun to think about playing Chase Young on offense, but that won’t happen this year.

+ Davon Hamilton had one of the best offseasons of anybody in the program. He took a step in the weight room. “You could see him coming.” “I’m really proud of the way he’s playing.” It’s a huge deal for this defense with how he’s playing.

+ Justin Hilliard playing the way he played is a great story that isn’t being told. In this day and age of portals and everything else, he stayed and stuck it out and has made some big plays this year. That goes to show you what kind of kid he is. He’s helped on special teams for years and now has an even bigger role. He is leaving a legacy behind.

+ He doesn’t want players to fit leadership styles. He wants authentic leaders who find their respective voices. It took Chase Young and JK Dobbins three years to find their voices. Stepping up in front of the team can be a bit frightening, but those guys have the courage to do it and they’re backing it up with their play.

+ Being No. 1 right now doesn’t matter. It only matters at the end of the season. “It doesn’t mean anything.” People like to talk about it, but “it has nothing to do with us.”

+ Ohio State should always have Heisman candidates. Chase Young is a special situation. None of the players are concerned about the Heisman because that wasn’t anybody’s goal. If you continue to do well, “there’s going to be a lot to go around.” But that’s not what it comes down to. It’s about winning games.

+ Getting so many guys reps for the young guys this season has been very important because it lets you know what you have and what they can handle in tougher situations.

+ Reps are watched for all players, not just the guys who are banged up. Have to make sure they do a good job of that down the stretch. This is a tough game and they won’t be foolish with playing time and practice reps. One of the reasons they are playing so well is because they are practicing so hard, but you have to weigh that down the stretch.

+ Running back recruiting will be fine this year. If you see what OSU is doing this year and in the past, “I think you’d be foolish not to give Ohio State a look.”

+ How does the team guard against “rat poison?” All the attention means is you have a lot more to lose as it builds. The bullseye gets bigger each week, so you have to work harder and be more invested each week. They expected to be in this situation, so they just need to continue preparing with the same mindset that got them here. These opportunities don’t always come around, so you have to ask what are you willing to sacrifice to make sure you don’t blow it.

+ Asked for mistakes he’s made in coaching and what he’s learned from it, Day replied, “Where to start.” From handling players, families, recruits, schematics in a game. You have to make sure you always have answers for players on and off the field.

+ There is more than just one important thing that Jeff Okudah brings. He takes his job seriously and is a tremendous player. He has matured to a level where guys look up to him. He has great energy. “I think he’s playing at a tremendous level.”

+ Having a player like Chase Young changes everything an offense does. He always plays with intensity. But it’s only good if he continues to play that way. “Now we’re into the teeth of this thing because now he’s got the biggest bullseye he’s ever had on his chest.”

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