Live Updates — Ryan Day Tuesday Presser, Oct. 8

Ryan Day Ohio State Buckeyes Head Coach

COLUMBUS — Ohio State head coach Ryan Day meets with reporters at 12:00 pm today and we will provide live updates when things get underway. The Buckeyes have an off week, so Day is expected to look back a bit on Saturday’s win over Michigan State. He will also answer plenty of questions about his team at the midway point of the regular season. Refresh for updates beginning at Noon.

+ “I was proud of the way [Nick Bosa] played” last night.

+ The special teams has been solid. They somehow missed two blocked field goals last week. The return game has just been okay. The punt game has been solid, as has the coverage. Overall it’s been solid, but the return game can be better.

+ When did he decide to aim for a long-term job in college? When they had to move three times in three years. People don’t realize how hard it is to pick up your life. “I said ‘never again.'” They don’t want to do it anymore, him or his wife.

+ Jonah Jackson is as close to a man or a pro as Day has been around in a long time. The guys have really taken to him. It’s not easy to come into the offensive line room and be embraced right away as a veteran from a different place. That’s a credit to the players and to Greg Studrawa.

+ The 67-yard touchdown run was a great play by all 11 on the field. Everybody has to do their job for those plays to happen.

+ It’s hard to put a value on Shaun Wade in this defense because that slot corner is so important because of the RPO game in college football today.

+ “I think we’re very explosive in the pass game.” That’s a tribute to the running game because they are controlling things. They will

+ Day didn’t have too many expectations of him coming in because he didn’t know him that well and didn’t watch him much in high school. You don’t know how tough the guys are until they’re in it during the games. He has taken shots and keeps coming back. When you preach toughness and your quarterback is taking shots and keeps getting up, teammates notice that. “It just goes to show what this guy is made of.”

+ Luke Farrell has done a lot for this offense the last two seasons. When you’re a tight end, you have to be able to do a lot of things, and to do them you have to be a very special guy. He gets it. He’s a “high processor.” He doesn’t complain about not getting the ball. Proud of him that he made that play to score.

+ He and Dwayne Haskins talk regularly, but they haven’t talked since the preseason. Everybody is kind of busy now. “He’s going to be fine.”

+ The Redskins have not contacted him and he doesn’t want to talk about the NFL anymore.

+ Justin Fields and Dwayne Haskins came into the season as starters with two very different situations, so it’s hard to compare. Haskins had proven some things in the offense, but Fields was completely unknown. His leadership and toughness have shown now and his teammates see that. He has other areas he can grow, but that’s typical.

+ We learned a couple of things about the offensive line in that they never stopped swinging away when things were tough early on. To run for 300 yards on MSU is saying something. That just adds to the expectations.

+ “It’s great to be 6-0.” That was the first goal of the season. So it’s good to know the work is paying off. But they know it doesn’t mean anything if they don’t win the first one.

+ They will meet with each player this week to let them know where they stand in terms of the depth chart.

+ Brendon White is not an “odd man out.” He is working on learning the bullet position. This is a good week for him to find out what he is doing well and what he can improve on. All of those guys want to play more, so he’s no different than anybody else in that regard.

+ Justin Fields is showing toughness, but you can see how dynamic he is when he runs, so there is a give and take. He’s not a skinny guy. He delivers the blow on some guys, so that helps. But they don’t want to run him too much, but it’s an advantage in the red zone.

+ Asked about NFL head coaching jobs, “I don’t ever really want to talk about that stuff. I love it here and this is where I want to be.” He said he’s not interested in commenting on that in any of his hopefully 20 years at Ohio State.

+ When you have an off week, you’re able to get healthy and evaluate players. Then you also get two weeks to game plan. You can try things out and see if they work.

+ The chemistry has been good this season. The team is playing with toughness. Justin Fields is taking shots and playing tough and the team is adopting that identity.

+ There is always a lot going on in recruiting. Mark Pantoni did a great job organizing it last weekend. Parents understand that they may not get as much face time with the head coach during game weekends, but all of the feedback was positive afterward.

+ The Ohio recruiting base is huge for the program. The 2021 class is deep and that’s going to be huge for OSU moving forward. Last weekend was a big recruiting weekend. There are a lot of Ohio kids who want to be Buckeyes right now. The balance of Ohio kids fluctuates with who fits, who is good enough. Ideally, you want as many as you can have, but if depends on the talent and the fit.

+ He’ll watch OSU’s defensive film after the game and give feedback when necessary. The coordinators “have owned it” and done a great job calling the games.

+ This week is a little different because they play on Friday next week, so they’ll practice on Sunday and they put the schedule together this week on what they think is best for the team. That was a physical game on Saturday, so guys need to get healthy again. That’s a focus this week and then also enhancing where guys can improve.

+ This is a self-evaluation week for the team. The coaches will be evaluating themselves and the players and where improvement can happen and where it needs to happen. There will be some analytics involved, but they don’t get too involved in that. “It’s all part of it.”

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  1. If Coach leads tOSU football for 20 years… what an example of honesty in contribution, attribution, habituation, matriculation, propitiation, repatriation, and substantiation THAT would set for “Time and Change” will surely show….

    As for “realization”… that requires taming the ego, then the self-discipline to seek what is there, rather than what i “want to be” there.


  2. Day commenting about wanting to be at Ohio State for 20 years made me realise: only 1 Ohio State coach in the last 40 years has been around longer than 10 years – John Cooper. I never would’ve thought to see THAT!

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