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Ohio State Offers 2020 Quarterback CJ Stroud

Ohio State Football Buckeyes Quarterback C.J. Stroud

Ohio State has offered 2020 California (Rancho Cucamonga HS) quarterback CJ Stroud. Stroud tweeted out the news Tuesday evening.

Stroud (6-3 194) visited Ohio State this past weekend for the Michigan State game.

Ranked the No. 4 pro-style passer in the nation and the No. 133 player overall, Stroud also holds offers from the likes of Baylor, California, Oregon, Colorado, Michigan State, and Yale. In 247Sports’ own rankings, Stroud is their No. 2 pro-style QB and the No. 95 player overall.

Here is 247’s scouting report.

Stroud has a solid frame and will have no problem packing on good weight and filling out when he gets to college. He has one of the strongest arms in the country, a smooth, tight release and shows the athleticism to make plays outside the pocket. He throws the deep ball with touch and accuracy, plays with poise and calmness in the pocket and is only scratching the surface of how good he can be. He’s a late bloomer, and his junior year was his first as a starting varsity quarterback. He’s a two-sport athlete and is a talented basketball player. Once he can focus on just football in college, his game should take off to another level. Projects as an impact upper tier Power 5 starter and future mid-to-high round NFL draft pick.

So far this season, Stroud has thrown for 1,839 yards with 24 touchdowns and five interceptions in six games. He is completing .662 of his passes, which includes a 19-21 outing last month in a 49-7 win over Faith Lutheran.

The Crystal Ball projections are pointed entirely at Ohio State. The Buckeyes already have one quarterback committed in the 2020 class in Arizona’s Jack Miller. Miller has stated in the past that he understands if Ohio State has a need to sign two quarterbacks, which is definitely the situation right now in Columbus.

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day wants four scholarship quarterbacks on the roster at all times and currently there are only three. Fifth-year senior Chris Chugunov won’t be on next year’s roster and Day doesn’t want to go another year with only having three quarterbacks.

Signing two quarterbacks is also a difficult proposition for the quarterbacks themselves because only one can play and many aren’t interested in the competition from their own classmates.

Ryan Day wants two quarterbacks in this class, but making that happen is still no guarantee.

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  1. In the transfer era, it is unlikely that we’ll have both Miller and Stroud for four years. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t pursue both. You go get both, train them up, and at some point a couple of years from now one will rise to the top, and the other will transfer. We don’t know which will be the two-year future starter, which is why we need them both.

  2. Just remind these recruits that anything can happen during a season and they can be called on to play at any time. Ask Kenny Guiton. Ask JT Barrett when Braxton Miller went down. Ask Cardale Jones when JT went down in the last game of 2014 before OSU made the playoffs. A third string QB led the team to a national championship.

  3. Yes – all of his measurables and his potential seems legit. But, I don’t think Jack Miller is really cool with that. Its too easy to move on – so while I’m not typically a pessimist I feel uneasy about THE signing two quality QBs – I can’t think of any two during the recent portal age that have stayed more than two years – so coach will develop two, one will leave and the other will benefit some other program like LSU. But, what choice is there? Do you sign a 2-3 star player to have a warm body for depth between Miller and McCord or do you roll the dice and sign a 4-5 star player with an understanding that the odds of one of them leaving are very high?

    1. Jack Miller isn’t in the least little bit afraid of any competition. The young man is more than capable of lighting up the skies over a football field. He’s smart, fast, learns faster than even above average QB’s…..and he’s a great young man. He knew from his first week of recruiting by Ohio State that the Buckeyes wanted to land at least 2 high quality QB’s in the class. He was fine with it then, and I suspect he’s fine with it now.

      1. No argument about Miller’s competitiveness. I agree that he likely knew the Buckeyes needed to take two. Justin Fields, Tate Martel, and Jalen Hurts are all competitive individuals as well – I’m certain of that. They were in classes or perhaps one class behind – other similar ranked and competitive players. So, my concern is not how tough he is, but rather, will he tough it out if he’s not the man initially. Now, that’s not to begrudge those players for seeking playing time ’cause at the end of the day its a business decision. Joe Burrow made himself some ‘bucks with two years of tape on file, and so will Jalen Hurts, and likely Justin Fields. I suppose over the course of the next 2-3 years we will see if Pantoni and Day approach QB recruiting any differently.

    2. They did that last year, and that didn’t work out either. There are no absolutes, and no real solutions to recruiting the qb position.

      Recruit 2 every year and get the scholarship back every two years? Maybe an ohio or regional kid would stick around 4 years, but if he has ambitions, he gone too.

      Osu has yet to have a walk-on develop into a scholarship player.

      If one goes too bottom of the barrel, how does he help your team, even if he’s there 5 years?

      1. The NCAA created a free agency that’s no different, and maybe even worse than the free agency in the Romper Room with that garbage can known as the transfer portal. Combine that with paying players and it’s no longer amateur athletics, and it’s a really bad thing for the game of College Football. Teaching kids that it’s okay to be disloyal spoiled little brats helps exactly no one.

  4. THE is definitely the best offer he holds now unless he wants to get the Ivy connections.

  5. The young man can throw the ball. Good down field vision, depth perception is outstanding. Mike and Coach Day will be able to polish his mechanics and make him lethal.

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