Ohio State Redshirt Tracker: Six Down, More On The Way

Ohio State football Jameson Williams

Seven games into Ohio State’s 2019 regular season, it’s getting a lot more clear which freshmen are likely to take a redshirt and which are more likely to use a year of eligibility.

Just as a reminder, under current NCAA rules, any player who participates in five or more games in a season uses one of their four seasons of eligibility.

So the second a player steps on the field for his fifth game, he can no longer take it as a redshirt year.

So far, six Ohio State true freshmen have crossed that five-game mark.

They are wide receivers Garrett Wilson and Jameson Williams, defensive end Zach Harrison, offensive lineman Harry Miller, linebacker Craig Young, and running back Marcus Crowley. All of them have now officially used one of their seasons of eligibility.

There is another group of true freshmen who have either not played at all, or only played very sparingly. That group includes offensive linemen Ryan Jacoby and Enokk Vimahi, safeties Bryson Shaw and Ronnie Hickman, tight end Cormontae Hamilton, defensive linemen Noah Potter and Jaden McKenzie, and linebackers Cade Stover and Tommy Eichenberg.

They have all played between zero and two games so far this season, and seem pretty likely to finish 2019 at four games or less and enter 2020 as redshirt freshmen.

But there are a couple intriguing cases in the middle.

One is running back Steele Chambers, who has rushed for 79 yards and a touchdown in just 10 carries. He has played in three games so far; Cincinnati, Miami, and Nebraska.

Chambers has looked impressive in his opportunities, but with J.K. Dobbins, Master Teague, Marcus Crowley, and Demario McCall all on the depth chart as well, he’s not likely to get a ton of chances.

The Buckeyes may be saving his last “freebie” game either in case of emergency (multiple injuries) or blowout (Rutgers) and hoping to be able to put a year of separation between Chambers and Crowley in eligibility.

The other freshman who’s in something of a gray area is offensive tackle Dawand Jones.

Jones has played against Cincinnati, Miami, and Northwestern. The first two came on the field goal block unit, and the third was at tackle during the fourth quarter in Evanston.

Jones has only played football for a few years, and seemed very likely to redshirt before the season. But he has clearly impressed the coaching staff and earned his way onto the field.

It’s possible the Buckeyes may try to preserve Jones’ redshirt and only play him once more. Ryan Day indicated earlier this fall that they would be judicious with Jones’ playing time, but wouldn’t rule out using a year for him.

“We’re not going to be foolish about it,” Day said on September 12. “We’ll try to be smart and make decisions based weekly on what we’re seeing. We don’t want to burn his redshirt on field goal blocks, but at the same time you get four games now so we’ll do the best we can. At the same time, if we think it can win us a game, we’ll do it.”

The data below comes from OSU’s official participation reports for each game. It’s far from infallible, though. For example, Jones hasn’t actually been listed for any of the three games he appeared in. If the report missed anyone – especially someone listed with fewer than five games below – please let us know in the comments.

You can find those participation reports for each game here: Florida AtlanticCincinnatiIndianaMiamiNebraskaMichigan State, and Northwestern.

Zach HarrisonXXXXXXX5+
Garrett WilsonXXXXXXX5+
Harry MillerXXXXX5+
Marcus CrowleyXXXXXX5+
Craig YoungXXXXXX5+
Jameson WilliamsXXXXXX5+
Dawand JonesXXX3
Steele ChambersXXX3
Cade StoverXX2
Noah PotterXX2
Bryson ShawX1
Jaden McKenzieX1
Tommy EichenbergX1
Ronnie Hickman0
Enokk Vimahi0
Ryan Jacoby0
Cormontae Hamilton0




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