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WATCH: Master Teague, Shaun Wade, Buckeyes Preview Michigan State

Ohio State football Wyatt Davis interview

The Buckeyes are back in primetime this weekend, this time at home.

No. 4 Ohio State hosts No. 25 Michigan State Saturday night at 7:30 pm in a matchup of teams with 2-0 records in the Big Ten East.

OSU comes in off a 48-7 blowout win at Nebraska, while Michigan State won a surprising shootout over Indiana, 40-31.

Wednesday evening after practice, a handful of Ohio State players met with the media to review the work they’ve put in this week and preview the showdown with the Spartans.

Five Buckeyes spoke, including DE Jonathan Cooper, OG Wyatt Davis, SAF Shaun Wade, CB Jeff Okudah, and RB Master Teague.

You can watch those interviews in their entirety below.

Jonathon Cooper

Wyatt Davis

Shaun Wade

Jeff Okudah

Master Teague

2 Responses

  1. Jeff Okudah: “…anticipate, as opposed to react…”. THIS ! Up to 0.5 sec ‘faster’; 4.8 to 4.3 40…. IMMEDIATE impact on the field, at each snap.

    Tim May: “…options for situations…but same concepts.” These terms indicate ‘situational dynamics’ and ‘deductive thinking’ in old-school Situational Leadership Theory. Each iteration [play] is a new situation.

    So far… fascinating tidbits in the program metamorphosis from Zero-Sum to Situational thinking! Simplistically, from 2 to 3 dimensional brings… ‘depth’ to the competition!

    May our arrogance and foolishness of ‘been there, done that’ and ‘domination’ be laid aside daily… for that is of ‘the natural man, unstable in all his ways’. And our ‘digressions’ are already evident… and insidiously mortal threats… daily. IF you do not see your digressions of TODAY… you’re not looking ‘deep enough’… or just plain converting that Facade you are building to show others… into your very own Blind Spot.

    May each day, be TODAY, come what may… for the Student of the Game.

    And EVER, WATCH out for… what distracts that man in your mirror, [i.e. the “concept”], so THEN you can help your teammates with that same kind of problem, no matter what the daily symptoms.

    And, keep appealing to what is greater than me or you, rather than the fatuous, self-centered CW of “feeling good about MYSELF”!

    …for every arrogance, every little petulance, every imp in Pandona’s Box… is looking at you… to ‘be’ … “a bone to be chewed, when the gales of November come early.,,,” And you, IF you ‘are a brother’, are The Watchman alone in the building late at night. In US Navy terminology, you are “on watch”. You …are your brother’s keeper [helper, not ‘better than’ or ‘dominator’]… and those who would claim they are your teammates, are yours.

    Otherwise, as the poet said it’s all “…full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Is there a plan, so you… are given Purpose? A ‘Purpose Driven Life’ is an abundant life…come what may…which apparently… does. ;-{)}

    What a wonderful 2019 season… of yesterdays! So far. But: we are in the Arena of TODAY…choosing to go In Harm’s Way.


  2. ROTFL….Leading receiver for the Varmint game? Jonathon Cooper. 6 catches 100 yards and 2 TD’s!

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