Ohio State Opens As A Huge Favorite Over Penn State

Ohio State wide receiver KJ Hill touchdown Penn State

One of the games that has been circled on college football calendars for months is now less than six days away.

Three different TV networks are coming to Columbus this weekend for the Ohio State vs. Penn State game.

The Big Ten Network’s BTN Tailgate show, FOX’s Big Noon Kickoff, and ESPN’s College Gameday will all be at the Horseshoe on Saturday morning.

Everything screams “big game week in Columbus!”

Everything except the point spread, anyway.

The initial lines for this weekend’s games were released on Sunday afternoon, and the Buckeyes opened as a 19-point favorite over the Nittany Lions.

That is a massive number in a series that has come down to the final minute in each of the last three games.

PSU beat the Buckeyes thanks to a pair of blocked kicks in 2016, winning by a 24-21 margin.

In 2017, OSU turned the tables, blocking a punt and pulling off a dramatic fourth-quarter comeback to win, 39-38.

Last year, Penn State once again blew a late late, and then failed to convert a 4th-and-5 play in a 27-26 Buckeye win.

That’s a total of five points of margin of victory in a three-game span.

This, however, is a very different OSU team from the last couple seasons.

For one thing, the Buckeyes have both one of the best offenses and best defenses in the nation, which is not something you could have said a year ago.

The 2019 OSU team has covered the spread in eight of its first 10 games. The only two exceptions were the season-opener against FAU in which the Owls scored a couple times in garbage time to narrow the final score, and last weekend at Rutgers, which played out similarly.

Many computer ranking systems have the Buckeyes as roughly two touchdowns better than the Lions on a neutral field. Add in the three-point advantage for playing at home and suddenly the 19-point spread doesn’t look quite so outlandish.

Paired with the 59-point over/under, you’d get a final score in the neighborhood of 39-20 Ohio State.

You can find lines for all of the week 13 college football games in the tweet embedded below.

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  1. We havent lost a noon home game in YEARS! In fact I cant remember off the top of my head the last time we lost at home for a noon game. Now look at our record for night games in the last 10 years. Not that great compared to the 2 other major time slots. Build up?? You mean drinking time for the majority of y’all Im guessing. LOL Only one time in the last gazillion years has THE GAME been anything but a noon start(2006) so not sure how u feel each year we play TTUN at noon which is our biggest game every year. We did play a night game against Sparty this year so hope you enjoyed it. Lord knows I was there and looking forward to the 3 hours drive home afterwards. 🙂 GO BUCKS!

  2. Tevo it and watch it at 7 pm – you can skip all the commercials – Shout out to the Big Ten and Fox for doing this – GO F YOURSELVES!!! POS’s.

  3. Read on BR a few weekends ago that OSU will win 42-24. As I said, IN gave them all they could take. Don’t mind the noon start as too many of these games are white outs or night games, and as was mentioned Novembers can become very chilly at night in the Midwest. This is the game we’ve been waiting for since that rainy victory over WI a month ago. Go Bucks.

  4. When I saw the point spread all I could say was “WOW!” Penn State must not be impressing Vegas. At all.

  5. The Buckeyes are going to beat the spread. Penn State will be exposed (again). Early prediction:

    Ohio State 38
    PennState 17

  6. I REALLY wish Fox wouldn’t make the big games at noon..just has more emotion and build-up and better big game atmosphere at night…no big home night games sucks..hopefully that changes for next season..

    1. This game would be at 3:30 at the latest. They don’t have games at 7:30PM or 8PM in the B1G in November. I’m fine with it being at noon just like the game against meatchicken in two weeks.

      1. Yes, it can get downright chilly in late November at night sitting in the stands. That’s a fact in the Midwest and why the Big Ten championship is not played outdoors.

    2. For you maybe but noon games in reality are just as exciting and emotional especially in person. The “build up” is something that doesn’t need to be contrived. That’s like needing porn to enjoy sex. Night games are a pain in the ass for the teams, who would rather be playing than waiting around all day. Saturday afternoons were made for college football. It’s fine to prefer night games but they’re a relatively recent thing in college aside from bowls just like Thursday Night games but now kids think they’re necessary. As if the Michigan game should be a night game to build up the emotion, lol. I get it, using the game as a venue to party. One can do a lot of partying by kickoff if you start around 9-10 in the morning. I’m happy with the noon game. I don’t mind 3:30 games. I don’t want to wait around all day. Cheers.

  7. Let’s send the seniors out on a high note on Senior Day. We win this game and we are heading to Indy and fans can hop online to purchase their tickets to Indy also. Chase Young comes back and I predict he will have at least 3 sacks all by himself. I wonder where ESPN, FOX, and BTN will be set up on campus. I hope there will be enough signs and markers for everyone.

    1. Without a victory on 11/30, Indy means nothing.

      1. Well one thing is for sure MI won’t be in Indianapolis whether or not they beat OSU. Year five and TSUN is again missing out on the east division title and a chance to win the Big Ten Championship. Jim Harbaugh is over paid and has given little results for their fans. I hope they keep him forever.

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