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Ohio State Postgame with Ryan Day, Buckeyes Following 56-27 Win Over Michigan

Ryan Day Ohio State Buckeyes Head Coach

ANN ARBOR, MI — Following Ohio State’s dominating 56-27 victory over the now-three-loss Michigan Wolverines, Buckeye head coach Ryan Day spent some time talking to reporters, as did a number of players, including Justin Fields, Chris Olave, Jonathon Cooper, Robert Landers, Jonah Jackson, JK Dobbins, and more. Here are the highlights of what was said.

Ryan Day

+ “I thought it was a magical moment. I thought it was a Heisman moment.” On Justin Fields returning from injury to throw a touchdown pass.

+ Fields’ heart and toughness and competitive nature is as good as Day has ever been around.

+ “Ever since I took this job, it’s (the Michigan game) has been on my mind.” Every time he started thinking about what ifs with this game, he would get back into his work to take his mind off of The Game.

+ JK Dobbins had a different look in his eye today that he was not going to be denied. Everybody on offense had that look today.

+ It’s hard to go 12-0. Proud of everyone.

+ “This is all a blur right now.”

+ “To win like this right now, it’s a relief.”

+ “I think we’ve done a good job of staying one week at a time and one day at a time.”

+ Michigan does a great job throwing and they have talented receivers. At halftime the OSU defense made some great adjustments. Everybody stepped up.

+ You have to be aggressive against Michigan’s defense.

+ All three of OSU’s Heisman candidates played great today. They all three deserve to be in New York.

+ Games like this are won by players not plays.

+ “We said this from the beginning, the tougher team is going to win.” You talk about tough, wow, Justin Fields is tough.

Chase Young

+ Michigan did a lot of chipping and brought a guard over to help. They even triple teamed. But everybody stepped up to get the win.

+ This wasn’t frustrating for him. You put your best on th efield so you can’t really be mad.

+ “It feels great continuing a legacy.”

+ Michigan finished their blocks well and played hard. Did some pushing and shoving. “So we expected things like that.”

+ It demoralizes a defense when you knock out a quarterback then he comes back in and throws a touchdown like Justin Fields did.

+ It meant a lot to see Jonathon Cooper come back for this one.

+ After that first half, they knew what to expect in the second half and that helped them stop them.

+ Michigan did more double and tripling than anybody else this season.

+ There’s a lot to correct, but we won the game and that’s all that matters.

Jonah Jackson

+ Once this game is over, it’s been 364 days playing for it. It’s just such a great feeling.

+ Jackson said a quick prayer once Justin Fields went down. He didn’t know it was Fields who threw the touchdown pass.

+ “Every game we come in with a look in our eyes to dominate and be nasty.”

Chris Olave

+ It’s an achievement winning here in this stadium. “We’re gonna celebrate this win, but we’ve got 364 days until the next game.”

+ What is OSU’s edge? They play every day for this game. “We respect the program.”

+ “Garrett is the most talented receiver we’ve got.”

Jonathon Cooper

+ He decided this week he wanted to be on the field with his brothers. He felt good and wanted to play.

+ It’s a little bittersweet that his season is now over.

+ Before he made his decision to redshirt, he had to come to grips that he was going to stick with his decision to redshirt. It’s best for him and his team and his family.

Robert Landers

+ The defense had to settle down at the half. Michigan did some things on offense that weren’t seen on film. Once the made those adjustments, it allowed them to play a lot faster.

+ Kudos to the defense for being mentally locked in.

JK Dobbins

+ He feels great after so many carries the last two weeks.

+ It’s great to have a career game against Michigan. This was about what he expected in terms of workload.

+ “We take a lot of pride in doing what we did today.”

+ “I’m not satisfied. I’m not even close to being satisfied.”

Justin Fields

+ The consistency every week has allowed them to go 12-0 and perform well against each opponent.

+ “I just think we take it more seriously than they do. I think it just means more at Ohio State.”

+ Fields sprained his MCL last week and then re-aggravated it and had to get a bigger brace put on it.

+ Day was happy with how Fields played today and how he came back. All credit to God.

+ “I probably flopped a little bit” on the hit out of bounds that got the flag.

+ He had a smaller brace to start with so he could be a bit more mobile. The bigger brace is like the one the linemen wear.

+ Fields knows a few players on Michigan’s team and talking to them, they don’t do as much for The Game as Ohio State does.

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  1. definitely missed S. Wade but nice haltime adjustments and Riep, etc…was disappointed the d-line didnt get more pressure and lack of coverage in first half but otherwise a GREAT game and Dobbins better be in the Heisman race towards the top…17 -2 ast 19 games–proud of the Buckeyes–GO OHIO STATE!!!

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