Ohio State Takes Over No. 1 Spot in Latest College Football Playoff Rankings

Buckeyes in 2020 NFL Mock Drafts

Ohio State has re-emerged as the No. 1 team in the latest edition of the College Football Playoff Rankings, which were released Tuesday night.

The Buckeyes have overtaken LSU, who moved up to the No. 1 spot a few weeks back after beating Alabama.

Ohio State’s win over Penn State gave them a third win over a ranked opponent this season, which is the same number that LSU has.

The selection committee putting Ohio State on top is big for the Buckeyes because they have a tougher schedule than LSU from here on out.

LSU has just Georgia remaining in terms of ranked opponents, while Ohio State has Michigan and Minnesota or Wisconsin.

Penn State remained in the Top 10. Minnesota jumped up two spots to No. 8. Michigan is now up to No. 13.

The Buckeyes already own a victory over No. 12 Wisconsin.

The rest of the rankings can be found below, with previous rankings in parentheses.

1. Ohio State (11-0)

2. LSU (11-0)

3. Clemson (11-0)

4. Georgia (10-1)

5. Alabama (10-1)

6. Utah (10-1) (7)

7. Oklahoma (10-1) (9)

8. Minnesota (10-1) (10)

9. Baylor (10-1) (14)

10. Penn State (9-2) (8)

11. Florida (9-2)

12. Wisconsin (9-2)

13. Michigan (9-2)

14. Oregon (9-2) (6)

15. Auburn (8-3)

16. Notre Dame ( 9-2)

17. Iowa (8-3)

18. Memphis (10-1)

19. Cincinnati (10-1)

20. Boise State (10-1)

21 Oklahoma State (8-3)

22. USC (8-4) (23)

23. Iowa State (7-4) (22)

24. Virginia Tech (8-3) (NR)

25. Appalachian State (10-1) (24)

6 Responses

  1. Dear Buckeyes and Buckeye Nation,
    Everyone who saw it, experienced it, and lived through it, (the operative words here is “lived through it,”) will never forget the 1969 game at TTUN Stadium, what turned out to be the beginning of the “10 year war between THE Ohio State University Buckeyes (Woody) and TTUN (Bo).

    The Bucks were #1 in both the AP and UPI polls, favored going into the game. I had order a number of tOSU campus photos from Long’s Book Store, and they arrived that week to where I was living at the time in NY, and I felt I would take the opportunity during the game that “I knew” the Buckeyes would prevail to put them in frames I had especially purchase for these photos. I could frame them as I watched THE GAME on an old 19″ black & white TV.

    Ready for obviously what was going to be a fantastic victory, my mind and heart kept sinking as the game progressed.

    I will never forget, to this day, in my gut, the total devastation I and the Buckeye Nation experienced that day as the clock expired, and TTUN was victorious, carrying their tight end off the field along with Bo being looked upon as a god for returning glory to TTUN football, the crowd going wild, while the ABC announcers declared the moment as the “biggest upset in college football history.”

    Dear Buckeyes and Buckeye Nation, We the faithful, never want to experience that horrendous feeling again. The stage is set once again, with the Buckeyes rated #1, favored in THE GAME, and it being played at TTUN’s Stadium. The Tressel and Meyer era has been a blessing toward evening the record against TTUN. Let’s keep it going, and be able to raise our hands to form O-H-I-O as we sing “Carmen Ohio” together as one.

    Thank you Buckeyes for all that you continue to do for our Alma Meter and Buckeye Nation.
    Grad 1966

  2. Finebaum on ESPN did predict last week that Osu would jump LSU if they beat psu.

  3. Where is that whiny Mr Mills? He owes me a hundred bucks! LOL

  4. Color me surprised! I am stunned at the fairness of their CFP committee’s decision, they are actually honoring their own standards. If OSU can win the next two, it would be tough for LSU to unseat them barring two 42-0 shutouts by LSU. OSU would hypothetically have wins over two top 10-15 teams, compared to LSU’s best result of 1 excellent win (UGA) and one nothing win (A &M, which is just a punching bag for good teams). Now the top seed actually IS in OSU’s hands!

    1. You’ve seen LSU’s D, Longtime. They ain’t’a shuttin’ out NOBODY! heh But point taken, of course. I’m just as surprised as you are and suddenly The Game has stakes again.

  5. WOW! I’m pleasantly surprised. I didn’t expect to jump them until maybe, maybe after the Michigan game. And then the committee would allow LSU to reclaim it after their win over Georgia. I still don’t think they are going to favor Ohio State at the end of the day.

    On a side note, good ole’ Joe Burrow appears to be in a bit of a pickle with his tweets!

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