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Ohio State vs. Penn State Trailer: ‘Long Live The Brotherhood’

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The concept of Brotherhood has been a consistent theme throughout the Ohio State program for years.

Players and coaches talk about the sacred brotherhood of being a Buckeye, playing for the guy next to you, and the unbreakable bond that they all share as members of the program.

This week, the Buckeyes face one of their stiffest tests of the year, hosting Penn State. It’s the kind of challenge that can strain the bonds of a football team.

How will this year’s Ohio State team respond if they’re trailing in the second half of a game? It hasn’t happened yet this season, so no one really knows.

This week’s game trailer from the OSU social media team aims to remind the players about how and why they need to stick together if the going gets tough, as well as what’s at stake.

“I told you we have something special going. You guys know it. You guys can feel it. It’s in the air, it’s when you walk into the building, it’s when you’re on the field,” it says.

“You’ve got a group in front of you that’s trying to take away what you have.”

What could be taken away this weekend? A loss would almost certainly punch Penn State’s ticket to the Big Ten Championship Game, leaving OSU on the outside and with their Playoff hopes in doubt.

“For the rest of your life, you’ll have the brothers in this room to look back upon if you want to do this,” the video continues.

But it’s defensive line coach Larry Johnson who spells it all out for the team.

“Brotherhood isn’t leaning on a guy, it’s giving of yourself to the guy next to you. You can not share brotherhood if you’re not willing to give all that you’ve got,” Johnson says.

You can watch the full video below.