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Rutgers Game Trailer: ‘We control our destiny’

Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields

Nine games down, three to go for a perfect regular season for the 2019 Ohio State football team.

If they can accomplish that, then there are three more after that for a national championship.

At this point, it’s looking like the only team that has a chance to stop this year’s Buckeyes are the Buckeyes themselves.

That’s probably why this week’s game trailer focuses on everything that’s still on the table for OSU.

Buckeye fans have been spoiled through the years with teams that seemed to win almost every week.

But few of them won every week, and basically none of them won every week in the way this year’s Bucks are: pure, unadulterated domination.

Here’s the message in this week’s hype trailer:

“Right now, here’s an opportunity. I want to make sure everybody here understands, coaches, everybody included.

“Right now, this is one of the times in your life when you have an opportunity to do something special. You do. There’s going to be times in your life where this isn’t going to happen. The stars aren’t going to align, it just ain’t gonna work that way.

“Right now, we have something that’s special. We have an opportunity that’s in front of us right now. We control our destiny.

“I’d like to tell you it’s going to take some magical recipe. But do you know what it comes down to in the end?

“It’s everything we’ve built to this point. The chemistry, the love for each other, the camaraderie, what you guys have built. It’s our toughness against their toughness. It’s our team against their team. It’s our culture against their culture.

“That’s what we’re fighting for today.”


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  1. Great video, but at times the music overpowers the voices.

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