Is Ohio State Number 1? ‘I don’t think there’s any doubt’

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The Ohio State Buckeyes made their final arguments for the top seed in the 2019 College Football Playoff on Saturday night.

Now, they’re waiting to find out if it was enough.

The Buckeyes came from behind to beat Wisconsin, 34-21 and win their third consecutive outright Big Ten championship.

But even before the confetti had finished falling from the ceiling of Lucas Oil Stadium, many people’s minds had already turned from what the Buckeyes had just accomplished to what was next.

Less than 12 hours after Ryan Day and his team left that raised platform in the middle of a football field in Indianapolis, they’ll find out where and against whom they’ll play their next game.

In some ways, this year’s Selection Sunday is somewhat anticlimactic for the Buckeyes. This is the first time in the six-year history of the Playoff when OSU enters knowing that they are comfortably in the four-team field.

In 2014, they needed a 59-0 shocker over Wisconsin to catapult past Baylor and TCU to snag the final spot.

A year later, they entered with cautious optimism and an 11-1 record, but were left out.

In 2016, they made it thanks to a stellar resume, despite not even playing in the Big Ten Championship Game.

The last two seasons have been “close, but not close enough” years.

This Sunday, Ohio State knows it is definitely going to be one of the four teams playing for the national title.

Now, the big question is where they’ll fall in that pecking order.

Big 12 champion Oklahoma is certain to be the fourth-seed, and the team the other three squads would all like to face in the semifinals.

ACC champion Clemson has been stuck at No. 3, and figures likely to remain there despite a blowout win over Virginia on Sunday.

That leaves the Buckeyes and LSU. Both teams have spent time at the top of the CFP poll this season, and both won their title games on Saturday.

Both want to earn that top seed, and to face Oklahoma while the other one has to deal with Clemson.

OSU entered the weekend as the top team in the nation, but struggled out of the gate before pulling away for a 34-21 win over No. 8 Wisconsin.

LSU, on the other hand, thumped No. 4 Georgia, 37-10.

The Buckeyes will likely have more wins over teams ranked among the committee’s top-25, but LSU might have the most impressive win between the teams.

But OSU just survived a three-game gauntlet to close the season, beating the Nos. 8, 10, and 14 teams in this week’s Playoff poll by an average of three scores.

To Ohio State head coach Ryan Day, the Buckeyes have done everything they needed to in order to secure that top seed.

“I think when you look at our résumé, what we’ve done, beating Wisconsin when they’re a top-10 team twice in one year, and then again this three-game stretch was unlike I think any team has had
in the country,” Day said.

“These are top-15 teams, top-10 teams that we played three weeks in a row. If there’s anything else that shows what this team is made of, you saw it here today,” he said.

Junior defensive end Chase Young said that while some people might point to the first half of the Big Ten Championship Game as a reason to drop the Buckeyes, the second half proves they should stay at the top of the poll.

“Definitely. I think we’re No. 1, pointblank, period,” Young said. “I just feel like a team like this, that hit a lot of adversity, has been tested many times, times like today. To see us come back and not just come back but we came back and we dominated. I feel like a team that can flip the switch like that is, you know, a No. 1 worthy team.”

Day said the Buckeyes’ performance Saturday night with a hobbled quarterback was proof enough that they were the nation’s most complete team.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt,” said Day. “When you look at the way that Justin Fields came in off that injury, he played tough and gritty. When you look at all three phases, I think we deserve to be number one.”

“If there’s a better team out there, I’d like to see them.”

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  1. We’re in, just win. If we can’t beat Clemson nothing else matters.

  2. At the beginning of the season I stated OSU will be playing LSU for the title and I am sticking with my prediction. Honestly I think you can argue for either LSU or OSU being number 1 and never convince either side your point is correct which is why we play the games so no matter the committee choice we will find out the true #1 soon enough.
    Now I am a Buckeye and I am praying we get the number 2 seed and play Clemson for the following reasons.
    1) Tell the Buckeyes they are great and going to win and you get the Florida National Campionship Game. Tell a Buckeye they are not that good and they are going to lose and you get the Miami National Championship game. I would rather our Bucks hear for 3 weeks how Clemson is going to beat them yet again verses them hearing that Oklahoma does not even belong on the field with you.
    2) Penn State game showed me we can not stop a running QB. PSU used a backup who bullied thru our LB and secondary. Lincoln Riley is smart and will figure this out and J. Hurts has ran for 1,255 yards and threw for 3,634 yards vs Trevor Lawrence who only ran for 407 yards and threw for 3,172 yards. I will argue that the competition they faced was similar or even advantage J. Hurts. I agree Oklahoma defense is much worse, but we can not stop their offense. Remember Craig K. verses Miami? Plus Oklahoma has a real good passing game.
    3) I want Clemson! For the Woody game and Sammy Watkins game and their other victories against us.
    4) Let our players keep hearing about all of our loses to Clemson and how the National Champions will kick our butts again and let our coaching staff continue hearing about the great Dabo S. and the best coordinator in all of football, Brent Venables, the $2 million a year man.

    I want to be number 2 today and bring on Clemson as you see I prefer my Buckeyes pissed off and motivated. GO Bucks!

    1. Agree but we shouldn’t be over confident because we have losing records against both Clemson and Oklahoma. Don’t see how we could not be motivated.

      1. I prefer the Buckeyes playing with an edge too. IMHO the number 1 and 1a teams in America are Ohio State and Clemson. OU and LSU have lousy defenses…….at best. Both of them should have been tune-ups for the National Title game.

  3. Gentlemen, this is where we witness SEC bias first-had. It’s assumed that because LSU beat Georgia, a team that is part of the great SEC, that their win automatically is stronger. So LSU’s opponent is given the benefit of the doubt of residing in SEC country, and therefore, Georgia is far and away the tougher opponent than a team Ohio State had to play twice.

    1. Charlie- I fear you are right; however, at least this committee has shown a dedication to it’s stated standards, that others have not. If they look at OSU’s margin of victory versus quality opponents compared to LSU’s- AND factor in LSU’s competition dodging- OSU should remain 1. The X factor is the informal pressure that idiots with an audience- ESPN’s clowns and the like- started applying last night BEFORE the Buckeyes even played. It’s human nature that some of it will have an impact, even if wrong. If LSU does jump OSU, it tells me OSU wouldn’t have kept the #1 even if they boatraced Wisky. We will see.

      1. That committee actually has changed its “stated standards” weekly, as well as annually. There was an article to that effect some weeks ago, either on this site or over at ElevenWarriors…
        first there was the eye test, then there was the tougher schedule, then there was quality wins… that was just this season. In years past, it’s been “didn’t win their conference”, or “their conference doesn’t have a title game”, then it was “body of work” for a team that got in but didn’t even play in their title game (us in 2016). This year it was “future schedule doesn’t matter” right before they made the initial choices, slotting OSU at 1, LSU and ‘Bama at 2 and 3 (who coincidentally were about to play each other and do their work for them), Clemson at 4 and Penn State at 5 (who was about to play OSU in 2 weeks). They obviously used the future schedule to strategically base their rankings all while claiming they don’t use future schedule to determine their rankings. They quite literally change their “stated standards” whenever it suits them. And today was no different.

  4. Not sure why all of a sudden we should drop in the polls but we will. The talking heads r already saying we should be #3. Huge game against PSU and we dominate. Bigger game against Michigan and we dominate. Then we play a THIRD top 10 team IN A ROW with people saying we’re in even with a loss and we play a bad first half. Nothing surprising there in my mind. Now the talking heads are saying Michigan isn’t that good and PSU isn’t that good, blah, blah, blah. Logical thinking, which is the exception rather than the rule in this world, says everyone answered the bell and keep the rankings as they are BUT that ain’t happening. Oklahoma would have been a nice tune up game for the championship but looks like we’re really going to have to earn it.

    1. Michigan isn’t that good, which makes Notre Dame not all that good, but hey! Notre Dame is still a quality win for Georgia!

  5. How Georgia was ranked 4 after losing at home to a shitty South Carolina team is beyond me. LSU got a gift having Georgia ranked that high. Regardless of who we play our defense better figure some shit out and play two halves of football or our postseason will end quickly. I can’t believe how many tackles our D has been missing lately.

  6. The Buckeyes likely fall to number 2, but, they shouldn’t. A factor that SHOULD be in the Buckeyes favor is that fact that 2 of the 3 OOC opponents finished their season as their respective Conference Champions, and the 3rd played in and narrowly lost their Conference title game.

    Not that it should matter, but at the end of the day WHO they play in the opening round of the playoff, but, I suspect 30 minutes of pretty awful football cost the Buckeyes a clear selection at number 1. The offense and the defense picked a bad day to fail to get off the bus until after the first half.

  7. 100% Agree w/ the NW St and Ga Southern (redundant?) comment. Funny how the CBS shills fail to ever mention that. Or how the team they trounced yesterday had tha little SCaro episode and has failed to ever really win…anything, but sure has great marketing, as they are assured to be really good based on…?

  8. It will be utterly fascinating to see how the committee decides today between LSU/OSU. LSU just smoked the #4 team (yes, I know UGA’s offense is horrible, but they were #4), and past committees have definitely been guilty of the “what have you done for me lately” mentality. The one thing that could propel OSU to the top is LSU’s games vs Northwestern State and Georgia Southern, which clearly were an attempt to dodge competition and an embarrassment. It would be great if SEC scheduling tricks FINALLY cost them. Regarding Clemson, they are lurking…whew! Should OSU face them at some point, it would need to flush the first half efforts against UM and Wisky down the toilet, never to be seen again. That dog won’t hunt vs. Clemson, folks.

    1. I would lay odds that not a single member on that stupid ass committee watched more than 5 minutes of football this entire year.

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