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Turnovers, Poor Shooting Doom Buckeyes In Second Half of 66-54 Loss at Indiana

CJ Walker

Indiana guard Devonte Green scored a game-high 19 points on 5-of-8 shooting in leading Indiana (13-3, 3-2) to a 66-54 win over No. 11 Ohio State (11-5, 1-4), extending the Buckeyes’ losing streak to four games.

Ohio State shot just 17-of-52 (.327) from the field and 9-of-26 (.346) from three-point territory. They turned the ball over 16 times, including seven from freshman point guard DJ Carton.

The Buckeyes were led by Andre Wesson, who scored a team-high 15 points and grabbed seven rebounds.

Ohio State scored just 20 points in the second half, making just 6-of-28 (.214) field goals over the final 20 minutes of the game.

Indiana opened with three Rob Phinisee three-pointers in the first three minutes and 20 seconds to open up a 13-5 lead for the Hoosiers. That lead got cut to three points following a layup and a three-pointer from Andre Wesson.

Following a basket from IU center Joey Brunk, DJ Carton drained a three-pointer to make it 15-13 Indiana with 14:37 remaining in the first half.

The Hoosier lead grew to nine points at 25-16 following a Devonte Green layup. At that point, the Buckeyes finally woke up a bit and went on a 15-1 run over a six-minute stretch.

In those six-plus minutes, Kaleb Wesson hit a three, Andre Wesson added a layup, and both CJ Walker and Luther Muhammad dropped in three-pointers as well.

The Buckeyes went into the half with a 34-31 thanks to a three-pointer from Kaleb Wesson in the final minute.

The Hoosiers opened the second half on an 8-0 run. Back-to-back baskets from Brunk made it 39-34 Indiana with 16:13 to play in the game. Andre Wesson stopped the run with a three-pointer.

A dunk by DJ Liddell and a pair of free throws game OSU a 42-40 lead with 11:43. Devonte Green and DJ Carton then traded three-pointers before Indiana finally grabbed the lead for good.

Layups for Devonte Green and Rob Phinisee gave IU a 48-45 lead with 9:19 to play and the lead grew from there.

Three turnovers from Carton in the span of a few minutes allowed the Indiana lead to grow to 57-46. The Buckeyes could never get it below seven points after that.

Indiana stole the ball 11 times from the Buckeyes.

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  1. The Buckeye Basketball team has no offense against a pressing defense. Simple fact is they cannot handle pressure. There needs to be diffenent offensive scheme. I’m not sure what that would be, but with what they are doing now is certainly not working. The season is not totally lost, but if they don’t get their offense straightened out, they will end up near the bottom of the B1G. Come on Buckeyes, get things corrected and stop turning the ball over far too many times.

  2. After the Kentucky game I thought Carton was the best player on the team. I’m a moron. He is completely out of control. Calipari said he thought OSU was a final 4 team and overnight they are a dumpster fire. Too many good teams in the BIG this year, so it will be interesting if they can play their way through this. I’m having a hard time reconciling that this is the same team from earlier in the season.

  3. Poor shooting + bunches of turnovers= loss

  4. Things are not looking up. You hope when disasters like this happen, they just had a bad game. It’s starting to look like they had nine exceptional games and are now sinking to their level.

    I have trouble thinking that this team that shows so well in the early going can’t turn this around. Washington needs to start shooting. His defence is so poor you can only keep him on the floor while he’s hot.

    Carton is starting to remind me of a team of Philipino kids Ionce coached. During a time out one of them actually said to me. “Have you seen the Philipino league on Saturdays? If you did you know we don’t pass. ” Carton driving into 3 trees and having shot after shot blocked is reminding me of those bad old days. And the air balls he puts up.

    I’ve seen way to many passes that missed their target. I can see missing a shot. How you throw a pass so far away from the target he can’t reach it is kind of mystifying. But for some reason I’m seeing it over and over.

    We’ve seen these guys play, we know what’s different. Walker, Muhammed Washington and Andre Wesson have to make their open threes or not launch the ball. They have to stop passing to Kaleb Wesson when he’s double teamed. Dudes, if one guy is double teamed, somebody is open, or your spacing isn’t right.

    Carton has to play under control.

    Anyone of those things could be the difference in a game. But basicly, things aren’t going to open up until they hit their threes. It all starts there. Double teams are going to happen all night until you hit your threes. After three games, everyone knows that. The Indiana defence just sagged and clogged the middle, OSU’s shooters didn’t keep them honest.

  5. Reminds me of Matta’s teams his last several seasons. Must be the Butler curse

  6. Buckeyes will be lucky to win an away game in the Big 10,doesn’t look good

  7. We need to return the favor when the Hoosiers come to Columbus on February 1st. I really don’t care for IU and its fan base.

    1. Based on what I’ve seen since Christmas, we’re going to have quite a few favors to return in 2nd half of season

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