Ohio State With Second-Best Odds to Make College Football Playoffs

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Courtesy of sportsbook BetOnline, who is seemingly releasing various lines daily because they are just as bored as the rest of us, only Clemson has better odds to make the College Football Playoffs this coming season than Ohio State.

The Tigers check in at 1/2 favorites, meaning that a bettor would have to wager two dollars in order to win one dollar. The Buckeyes, meanwhile, aren’t too far behind with 2/3 odds.

Of course, both teams were part of last season’s playoffs, where the Buckeyes were ruled to have lost to the Tigers in the Fiesta Bowl.

Clemson has been part of every playoff except for the first one, which was won by Ohio State. Last season was OSU’s third trip to the playoffs in its six-year existence.

Unsurprisingly, Alabama has the third-highest odds at 4/5. Last year was the first year Alabama missed the playoffs.

Oklahoma checks in with 5/4 odds, followed by Georgia at 3/2.

BetOnline must be unaware that Joe Burrow is now off to the NFL because LSU actually has the sixth-highest odds at 2/1 to make the playoffs. Seaux many Tigers fans are gonna lose some deaux on that bet.

Notre Dame meanders on in with the eighth-highest odds at 11/4. Apparently 3/1 was just too crazy of a number for the line-setters.

Then comes Florida (7/2), Texas (4/1), Texas A&M (4/1), Auburn (5/1), and Oregon (5/1) before we get to our second Big Ten team in Penn State.

The Nittany Lions have 6/1 odds, which are slightly higher than Michigan’s 13/2.

The next Big Ten team is Wisconsin at 10/1, followed by rival Minnesota at 16/1, Nebraska at 20/1, and Iowa at 25/1.

You can see the entire list below.

Clemson             1/2

Ohio State          2/3

Alabama             4/5

Oklahoma          5/4

Georgia               3/2

LSU                     2/1

Notre Dame       11/4

Florida                7/2

Texas                   4/1

Texas A&M        4/1

Auburn               5/1

Oregon               5/1

Penn State         6/1

Michigan           13/2

Washington      10/1

Wisconsin         10/1

Florida State     14/1

Okla State          14/1

Tennessee         14/1

Utah                   14/1

Miami FL          16/1

Minnesota        16/1

Iowa State        20/1

Nebraska          20/1

Iowa                  25/1

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    1. I laughed at that, too! And actually an excellent way to sum up the outcome of that miscarriage of football justice.

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