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Ohio State Sophomore Guard Luther Muhammad Enters Transfer Portal

Luther Muhammad Ohio State Buckeyes Basketball

Ohio State sophomore guard Luther Muhammad has entered the transfer portal, the school confirmed on Sunday.

Muhammad served a one-game suspension this past season, which was handed down by head coach Chris Holtmann due to a failure to meet the team’s standards and rules.

Because of his solid defense, Muhammad started 56 of the 64 games in which he played. Muhammad saw his scoring average decline from 7.6 points per game as a freshman to 7.0 points per game this past season. His minutes, field goal attempts, free throw attempts, rebounds, and assists all dipped below his freshman numbers as well.

Muhammad shot 38.3% from the field this past season and 34.7% from three, and never advanced as much as was expected offensively.

He now becomes the second member of the 2018 signing class to transfer, joining post player Jaedon Ledee, who transferred after his freshman season.

Muhammad is also another departure for Holtmann this offseason. Freshman point guard DJ Carton announced his transfer already, and it has been reported that freshman forward Alonzo Gaffney is possibly leaving as well. And junior center Kaleb Wesson announced his intention to enter the NBA Draft this past week.

The Buckeyes continue to remain in the market for transfer guards, though they may now need somebody eligible to play immediately.

Holtmann did sign one guard in the 2020 recruiting class in 4-star shooting guard Eugene Brown out of Georgia. Brown was the No. 112 player in the nation and No. 22 shooting guard.

Without Muhammad, the Buckeyes will rely more on classmate Duane Washington, who emerged as one of the team’s top scorers, as well as a surprisingly viable backup point guard.

Overall, however, the Buckeyes do not currently have what would be considered a deep backcourt. With Washington and returning point guard CJ Walker, the starters appear set. The return of Musa Jallow will help, as will the continued development of Justin Ahrens.

Next year’s squad is looking to be wing-heavy, but no doubt interesting all the same.

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  1. “this is happening too much” …

    suggests we [most of us] do not re-cog-nize what is going on [WIGO].

    the brilliant solution – “the NCAA better start making some restrictions” –

    is the typical blame/responsibility/accountability project onto some one / some thing… else.

    man unwilling to identify moral values can make no start at recognizing, let alone trying to problem-solve, our issues….

    of course if you don’t ‘like’ something or ‘feel bad’… just play whatever with handles. But…be sure to wipe them generously with> 70% alcohol first.

  2. I like Muhammed for his defensive skills and his shooting seemed to be improving but was still totally unpredictable. Muhammed was a very good athlete but I don’t think he is going to get a lot more playing time at this level. I don’t think this transfer is a Holtmann problem but merely a manifestation of the transfer portal bullshit. In this era, if you aren’t satisfied with your playing time, you transfer. If a coach recruits well, he has to count on 2 or 3 transfers a year.
    P.S. Gafney’s “transfer” is simply a recruiting mistake crazy and Carton’s transfer was due to a unique situation. So I’m not going to jump on the panic train.

    1. Paul, isn’t ‘panic’ an instinctive first reaction?

      If so…speaking biochemically, ‘jumping on the panic train” is done for us by our instincts. It’s what we do when we ‘find ourselves’ on that train …what we do ‘next’ in our attempts to ‘regain control’ of the beast in us.

      Agree that our reactions, projections, and excuses are tough and continual competitors for our positive efforts.

  3. Very sad to learn this. I liked the guy and the way that he played. Would like to know the story behind this.

  4. WHY?! Holtmann needs to come out and explain what the heck is going on..I’m really curious if this has to do with the 1 game suspension…seriously, I don’t care if OSU is getting some players from the portal–the portal is becoming a HUGE BAD issue for the sport….not all, but too many kids cannot handle any sort of adversity these days and just like that–commitment GONE. There are sometimes genuine reasons for the portal but the NCAA better start making some restrictions and now or this is going to get so silly it won’t be worth watching anymore….this is happening too much with OSU bball men’s and women’s…at least man up and say why if you are quitting the team to transfer. Give me the “old days” with NO portal.

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