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Buckeye SloopCast: S5E58 — Bigger, Faster, Stronger

SloopCast Ohio State Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye SloopCast, Jared and Kyle discuss the commitment of linebacker/safety/etc CJ Hicks. They then turn to other top 2022 targets around the nation and in Ohio. The fellas also discuss the recent rumors of JC Latham’s distancing from Ohio State. They also talk about the needs that the Buckeyes still have in the 2021 class. All of this and also a discussion on the name, image, and likeness ruling.

The Rundown

#OhioState adds 2022 Dayton athlete, CJ Hicks

Can we stop labeling players as “Athletes”?

#OhioState’s top 2022 recruiting targets

How good are the #Ohio kids of 2022?

Can The #Buckeyes get another elite QB?

Three new names enter the 2021 Top10

Latham to #OhioState is a sure thing, right? Right?

#OhioState still has serious needs for the 2021 class

The #Buckeyes need some CB and OL help

Players to capitalize off their own image and likeness

No, you can’t compare teams/player across eras

Live the life of a Buckeye

#AskSloopCast speed round

The MCU: Good, bad and meh

Woody Hayes vs a horse

Wearing zero


Fields and Plains
Slow Down

One Response

  1. good example of same ‘ol narrative tapdancing by us. We are so long and so repetitive on ‘what’ i.e. he’s this or that trend, number, rank… and so omit the comparisons and the WHY?

    Consider TN, which we acknowledge is ‘on a tear’… while avoiding their 25*, 2 4* ‘run’ in a week compared to our 3 lo-med 4* ‘epic run’ of last month….

    we can – and do – constantly gyrate between ‘so know’ and avoiding – especially by quantitative comparison, supposedly our fav ‘proof’ of ‘expertise.

    Question: should we not ‘actually consider’ the significance of ‘ending up #1… instead of leaping out in front at the start…and ‘clinging to our #1’ …long before the finish?

    suggestion: ‘speak softly’… and ‘carry that big stick’… for the finish, not the first lap of a mile race… which is actually a lot longer….


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