Ohio State Pauses All Voluntary Workouts Following Recent COVID-19 Testing Results

Haskell Garrett, Harry Miller Ohio State Football Buckeyes

In a release from the Department of Athletics OSU has announced that all voluntary spring workouts have been suspended as a result of recent COVID-19 testing.

Below is the full text of the release.

“The Ohio State Department of Athletics has paused all voluntary workouts on campus following the results of its most recent COVID-19 testing of student-athletes. Seven teams’ workouts are affected by this pause: men’s and women’s basketball, field hockey, football, men’s and women’s soccer and women’s volleyball.

“The university is not sharing cumulative COVID-19 information publicly as it could lead to the identification of specific individuals and compromise their medical privacy.

“If a student-athlete tests positive for COVID-19, he/she will self-isolate for at least 14 days and receive daily check-ups from the Department of Athletics medical staff. Student-athletes living alone will isolate in their residence. If they have roommates, they will self-isolate in a designated room on campus.

“The health and safety of our student-athletes is always our top priority.”

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  1. Jimmie, you might want to rethink trotting out the Cold War language against anyone you disagree with. Most people under 40 don’t even remember it, and you just end up looking silly. Now regarding your point on nursing home deaths, they account for less than 50% of the covid deaths, so there is that. But you don’t stop there, you start making shit up, some grand conspiracy to inflate the numbers. So, you are claiming there are tens of thousand of doctors and medical examiners falsifying data? What’s next, the whole man on the moon was fake too? As someone once said, you are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts. Just because this is playing out contrary to your sage opinion, doesn’t mean you get to just make shit up.

    1. Aww. Did I hurt your Marxist heart. NOT sorry. It’s playing out EXACTLY like I said it would. The Saul Alinsky rules for retarded radicals. This virus IS less deadly than the common cold, but hyped so out of control by the ignorant plebs who erroneously call themselves reporters and journalists. They’re nothing of the kind. Merely acolytes of Edward Bernays, Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx all rolled into one hideous spectacle. Masks only HARM, they DO NOT HELP.period. The BEST solutions for ANY SARS family of virus is the right nutrition combined with the bright sunlight and fresh air.

      There absolutely ARE 10’s of thousands of doctors and fraudulent medical examiners and the reason goes back to the same :excuse” it always turns out to be……..the almighty dollar. Try asking the the fraudulent doctors and so-called medical scientists how much in kickbacks they get for labeling things covid, even when the underlying conditions are 99.99% of the time the cause.

      Just like in Italy where the truth has already come out, that THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of deaths were unrelated to this cornyvirus. I like how you ignore the truth. Hospitals are getting huge kickbacks per anything they label covid.

      Your hero’s, Fauci and Birx (who isn’t even licensed) have done 1 thing, besides perpetuate an otherwise simple virus to combat……they have proven that any oath they have EVER taken is a lie. There oath demands of them to DO NO HARM. In fact, every single thing they’ve done has been to harm, in the name of green and gold.

      Even the so-called M-95 masks are ineffective of SARS viruses. COMPLETELY ineffective. They would have to design even N-95 mask after careful individual measurements to make them even 90% effective. The garbage they sell to sheep over the counter CANNOT prevent SARS viruses. PERIOD. They can’t even protect the wearer from spreading whatever he or she has.

      Now why don’t you skip back over to your pedo site of State Penn where you belong.

      1. Thanks Jimmie. Rambling paranoid posts like yours show people just how off the rails conservatives have become these days. A dying breed, and the world will be better off for it.

  2. A virus less dangerous than the common cold has people, like brainless sheep, running for mommies basement to do whatever chicken crap thing they do.
    This “fraud” pandemic making otherwise intelligent look like retards.

    1. Look who’s back!!! The head tool has left the toolshed. Same old tired nonsense from the same old tired numbskull.

      1. What’s the matter troll boy.still butt hurt?

  3. Rick, you may “enjoy” scientific facts, but you have zero capacity to think long term.

    1. Rick, I apologize. This was meant for “Todd.”

  4. Herd health is true in animals and people. Until 70 % of us have an immunity it is going to be with us. I think the human cold virus is in this family of viruses. How long have we been waiting for that vaccine? Isolation is only going to keep it around. Isolate those most vulnerable and let’s get back to living. It is the new normal. Deal with it.

  5. Rick
    “Anti science stupidity”. Really?
    I am getting tired of folks using “the science” to support their preordained agendas. “The science” clearly indicates VERY LOW risk for anyone under 30. OK lets just cancel all sports: then what? Send the athletes back home to put their parents at risk while they go out and mix with their friends at parties (and they will) versus working out in a controlled environment with regular testing. Positive cases can be identified and isolated. The idea that there must be zero cases is naive and misguided. There is no zero risk scenario under any circumstances. Life must go on…..

  6. and……….although many get it, the vast majority of people are not affected much by it..the flu is more dangerous to college age kids and we don’t stop seasons and pause for it…you can’t shut don society for this ..stay away from nursing homes etc but this has got ridiculous….cases do NOT= harm for the vast majority of society….so tired of this

    1. Yes, and people thinking like you T is exactly why we are where we are at, in a raging pandemic. This could have been shut down, and now the world looks at us and shakes their heads. Tired of the anti-science stupidity that passes for “common sense” these days.

      1. Rick–nice try dude—I enjoy scientific facts but apparently you don’t….even the liberal teacher’s union agrees school closing for KIDS is not a good thing and should re-open–like they have in many European countries without issue….the VAST majority of people who get this are NOT affected much more than a common cold–that is fact…those in nursing homes, etc..over 80 years old–are far and away at greatest risk…just because somebody gets something isn’t need to go all crazy and shut stuff down..that is so ignorant and the lcokdowns have caused as much if not more hard to people emotionally, psychologically, financially (many losing jobs which also causes depression, can’t pay for rent, people turning to substances)..there is no need whatsoever to close colleges down except too many are scared with the media to be the first to speak up–facts are facts and lockdowns don’t help–check out the states–even based upon adjustments for population..that didn’t do lockdowns and their death raters compared to others…hmmmmmmmm..I will debate you on so-called science anyday’s stupid governors like Whitmer and Cuomo who PURPOSELY brougt covid patients(whitmer) or required workers (cuomo) that tested positive and tole them to stay working at homes that have caused the greatest damage….how many college players that have had this have even been hospitalized Rick…how many?? ZERO…stop the nonsense already and protect the most vulenrable all we can–those in nursing homes/hospitals..we don’t and shouldn’t shut down most of society for anything else and shouldn’t for this–we can help those in need and not shut down at the same time

        1. Todd, all your points are based on the idea that the virus will stay the same. While I don’t completely disagree with all your statements about why we should reopen… I hope you also have thought about the real possibility that as more and more people get infected the virus has a chance to mutate into something a lot more dangerous than the current one. As a man of science I also have to point out the opposite could happen, and the virus could actually become less sever. But I don’t believe letting the virus have free reign in the younger population would be a smart thing to do on the sheer chance that it could be worse than it is today. Also, this virus is totally new… we have no idea the long term effects of this virus. Think of the Chicken Pox virus, do you think people knew when they got it that they would also be susceptible to the shingles virus later in life? What if this virus paralyzes people from the neck down 20 or 30 years from now? While that is an unlikely scenario, it can’t be dismissed as over reacting because we just don’t know enough about the virus yet. So while we are still in the early stages of the spread of the virus, I think we should do everything we can to keep as many people clear of it. Once we know more then we can start to make decisions like the ones you are so eager to make. But besides all of that… These athletes have grandparents, parents, siblings, and friends that all could have other issues that can cause the virus to harm or kill them… like obesity, asthma, under developed or bad lungs, auto immune diseases, and all kinds of conditions that this virus becomes a death sentence… Age is not the only factor in how this virus kills. Finally, you can’t claim that no college athletes have been hospitalized because health records are private and that athlete would have to reveal the information… So you basically can’t claim what you can’t possibly know.. that’s called ignorance.

        2. Hey Todd, last time we chatted there were like less than 30,000 dead, and you were preaching “OPEN UP, THIS IS UNDER CONTROL”! back then. Now 100,000 more are dead. It has not gone the way you, Trump, and the other anti-science people have predicted (for all your liking of science, you really don’t talk about it much). 1 in 5 people who get the cold don’t need hospitalization. And this fact, and the higher contagious levels of covid to either the cold or the flu are why it is much more dangerous. But funny how you now want to follow the Europeans and open schools. They can do so much more safely because their leadership swiftly implemented policies to contain the virus. We didn’t. People in the world now feel sorry for us because we look like morons, and WAY MORE PEOPLE ARE DYING THAN SHOULD HAVE. Remember when you laughed at the even thought of 200,000 people dying? We aren’t stopping there.

          1. They aren’t dying of covid-19. They are being murdered (elderly) by brainless governors and mayors over packing nursing homes (most susceptible among us).

            Just like it Italy, the CDC has attributed the death toll to covid without testing (even with clean OR faulty tests). A man falling off the Empire State Bldg will likely wind up on the fraudulent death toll numbers of covid-19.

            The deaths in nursing homes isn’t by a virus, it’s murder by politician.

            Infection rate DOES NOT equal death toll. More people infected has driven the mortality rate down below that of the common cold.

            Your entire post is wrapped around political Marxism and nothing else.

            1. James, your comments about Covid are about as idiotic as your comments about the Buckeyes.

              #1 elderly aren’t being murdered by governors or mayors. Governors and Mayors have no other place to put the sick and elderly than the homes designed for them. You are trying to say that because they are putting them in homes with Covid that it’s basically a death sentence, but I would ask you… and I’m sure the governors and mayors asked the same question… where else do you put them? The homes are specifically built to handle their needs and issues, do you risk putting them places that don’t have the same access to health care? Because then people like you would cry foul at the governors and mayors about how they failed those who needed access but couldn’t get there in time (and died as a result).

              #2 They are accounting for a lot of deaths that are not a direct result of Covid because the virus was a main factor in their death. Someone who has signs of a stroke might not go into the hospital right now out of fear of getting Covid, but later, they may die of a stroke. Yes, it was the stroke that caused their death, but Covid was why they died when normally they wouldn’t have… or possibly wouldn’t have. That is why a lot of deaths are being attributed to Covid even if they didn’t have the virus. Doctors for a long time have warned of health issues that could arise during this pandemic that normally would have been no issue, but now people are going to be putting off going to the doctor to get things checked out… thus leading to a lot of deaths.

              #3 Infection rate does have a direct correlation with the death rate, granted that correlation has gone down due to increased testing (we are now testing for asymptomatic people which will lower the death rate) and the amount of younger people testing positive is lowering the death rate. But the death rate is not below the common cold, nor will it ever be. You seriously need to reconsider the sources you are using to get your information if you think this virus is less dangerous than the common cold.

              #4 Marxism is an economic model… I think you are thinking of Communism or Socialism… which are political models.

              #5 You are an idiot, for proof see #1-4.

              1. You just aren’t very intelligent, and lazy trying to do research.

                1. I think this statement puts an exclamation mark on my proof that you are an idiot.

                  I noticed that instead of responding with your own facts and examples, you did what other simple minded people do and tried to attack my intelligence rather than trying to articulately argue each point. Is this because you have no facts and examples?

                  I would link each study and article if I had the time and I thought you were worth the effort, but you are not. I clearly explained myself with facts and examples. If you are unable to understand my points maybe that speaks more to your intelligence than mine.

                  FYI – when you try to call someone unintelligent… don’t use the word “just” in your sentence like a teenager… it’s unneeded. Also, typing a grammatically correct sentence would be a good idea as well. Glass houses and all.

  7. Not sure why we’re continuing to follow this fallacy of football in the fall. I get that it keeps so many people from going off the deep end but get a grip. Hope for sports and “normalcy” in 2021, because it ain’t happening this year.

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