Ohio State DL Haskell Garrett In Stable Condition After Overnight Shooting

COLUMBUS – Ohio State senior defensive lineman Haskell Garrett was injured early Sunday morning in a shooting near Ohio State’s campus.

Per Columbus Police, Garrett was transferred to one of the the Ohio State University hospital beds and is in stable condition. He suffered a “through and through gunshot wound to the cheeks in his face.”

A gunshot injury is any injury from a bullet or other projectile from a firearm. A gunshot wound is always considered a medical emergency. A gunshot releases tremendous amounts of energy. The bullet can enter or pass through the body. The mechanics of a high-velocity projectile injury can cause significant structural damage and loss of blood. Dignity Health offers care to treat all types of gunshot wounds in Arizona, as part of our emergency services. For immediate medical care, call 9-1-1.

Initial gunshot wound care involves stopping bleeding and keeping the wound as clean as possible until doctors can evaluate the situation. Call 9-1-1 for emergency medical assistance. Give first aid for gunshot wounds. Apply direct pressure to the site, if possible, to control bleeding. Cover the wound with clean gauze or cloth but do not attempt to clean the wound itself.

Columbus Police responded to a 411 call on a report of a shooting on Chittenden Ave at 12:28 AM on Sunday. After following a trail of blood near one shell casting, the officers traced the trail of blood to locate Garrett.

Police did not provide any further information and there will not be any other information released on Sunday.

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  1. Thanks Kevin Warren for keeping our kids safe and isolated. Justin Fields flying down to UGA to hang out in Athens.

    Garret gets shot in his face.

    Good thing they aren’t in training camp.

    1. They are protecting all the people who won’t be playing on Sundays making millions moron.

  2. wow–praying he is ok…this craziness needs to STOP

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