OSU football players parent association takes to Twitter to express displeasure.

The Football Parents Association of Ohio State has taken to Twitter to voice their displeasure with the league’s decision to postpone the football season.

In their statement to the Big Ten commissioner the parents ask:

  • that the August 5 schedule be reinstated.
  • that the league provide full transparency on data used to make decisions.
  • that the B1G commissioner participate in a Zoom call with OSU parents and players.
  • that the league provide a detailed action plan for standards and protocals for ALL teams.
  • that the league respond to their Tweet by August 9

Below is the Tweet.

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  1. @James

    Again, science is on the side of the human race regardless of political affiliation. The onus is on non-believers to provide evidence to the contrary. May you stay healthy.

    1. Norman–I am not James mills–I’ve been on this site since the late 90’s and I know who you are referring to and I am not him….and you can’t dictate who the onus is on–it is a 2 sided debate where everyone should weigh the evidence..My whole point is that you can’t /won’t give answers to justify your opinion that playing football now is a bad idea and why we don’t cancel for flu season every year when it poses more risks..I am not trying to be mean-spirited etc but I have problems when some try to dictate and shut everything down for no rational reason when the evidence shows this is safer for players than the flu is–and we NEVER shut down football or anything else for the flu….I work at a hospital , am very familiar with how covid falsely gets coded and hey–I care about people and realize there are certain populations–such as those in nursing homes–that we need to be very cautious around. My dad was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer but he doesn’t think the world should stop for him….I wish you well as well and to consider the thoughts and logic behind what I am saying. have a good night.

    2. Hey Norman, the Science as you call it has become a partisan political entity. Please don’t use that talking point to discredit someone’s comments. Stay healthy yourself!

      1. @Brad

        Covid19 and the flu are both non-partisan. It’s people who apply political perspectives.

        Thanks for the well wishes.

  2. Congrats to the parents for standing up for their guys. Initially, I thought that Ohio State shouldn’t be playing football if they couldn’t have in-class classes. But they are! The hogwash from the Big Ten academics seems to be that players can’t play football because nobody can guarantee that they won’t contract COVID outside of their bubble. There is no riskless solution. But for these parents it is clear that their sons have a higher risk of contracting the disease if football is cancelled. At least someone should listen to them – if the safety of the players is actually the overriding concern.

    1. Apples and oranges. The university requires student, faculty, etc., to wear masks and maintain social distancing. Obviously, this cannot be done in a contact sport such as football.

      From the university website:

      The university has strengthened its face masks requirement. Face masks must be worn in indoor settings, including, but not limited to: classrooms, common areas, residence halls, conference rooms, shared office spaces, hallways, buses and shared vehicles on all Ohio State campuses. Masks must also be worn in outdoor spaces on campus, even when individuals can maintain appropriate physical distancing. More information is available on the Personal Protection and Hygiene page.

      1. Starting to think Norman is a liberal from ann arbor…..Norman is one of those pompous know it alls who wants to tell everyone else how to live but can’t ever provide proof for how corona is more deadly/dangerous than the flu for most people , especially younger ones..and that this is not a major risk factor by any means…based upon his “logic” we’d never have football again because surely he doesn’t want the kids to play during flu season when it is much more dangerous for the players than this……keep being a sheep thinking we need to shut everything down and forget all the emotional, financial, spiritual, psychological effects this has on most of the country, stay locked in–and please wear that mask to bed at night!! don’t take it off in the shower!………KUDOS to the parents and the players for speaking up demanding answers from this poor excuse of a commissioner Warren and the very few wanted football cancelled..I will stick with Coach Day, the OSU president, Smith and especially the scientific facts and data and the players and families themselves weighing the options instead of having know it all wannabes like Norman trying to dictate their lives for them.

        1. I agree completely Todd. My biggest issue with this is why aren’t we allowed to make our own decisions regarding the level of risk we want to assume in our daily lives? If you’re afraid of this thing then stay home and hide in the corner with your blinds closed. As far as the game of football one wrong hit and your paralyzed for life but until this year we continue to play the game fully aware of the risks. If the players and their parents want to play then let them. People like norman who are always blabbing about the science…..which science are we talking about? Dont wear a mask…wear a mask….it transmits via vapor droplets from your cough or sneeze….it doesnt transmit via vapor droplets only its actually airborne….blah blah blah. I have no issues with science but “the science “ doesnt really understand exactly what is going on even though they continue to issue edicts like they do which gives all of the progressives a platform to issue commands and orders to control your life such as the idiotic big 10. Blow your ACL, CTE, paralysis, or any other potentially career or life ending injuries are all ok and we are more than happy to let you assume that risk but we draw the line at this dreaded virus. The hypocrisy is hard to understand. The big 10 is going to look really stupid if the other conferences are able to play. I applaud the players and their families for pushing back. Hopefully the conference and the university presidents will at least reconsider their decision.

          1. Tim Weaver–you said it perfectly and I 100% agree… I truly hope Warren/Big 10 corrects this mistake and let’s players and their families decide and weigh the risks (or lack thereof) and reverse this decision and PLAY BALL!

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