Maryland game cancelled due to outbreak of COVID cases on Maryland football team.

Ohio State Buckeyes Maryland Terrapins

A Maryland release indicates that the game with the Terrapins this weekend is cancelled.

The release reads as follows:

“Due go an elevated number of COVID-19 cases within the program, Maryland Football will pause all team-related activities.

“Our game with Ohio State scheduled for Saturday, November 14 has been cancelled and will not be rescheduled.”

“The health, safety and well-being of our student-athletes is our main concern,” Ohio State head football coach Ryan Day said.

“Obviously, we are disappointed at not being able to compete this week, but I am incredibly proud of our team and the way they have handled themselves throughout this entire pandemic.

“We wish Maryland, their student-athletes and programs well as they battle through this issue.”

According to,  a total of eight players have tested positive.

5 Responses

  1. First and foremost, any team that cancels a game due to Covid (not spread from another team during a game) should have to forfeit the game. This would have incentivized teams to be careful and also, pushed teams to play without starters if need be.

    I understand that teams like MD do not want to play a team like OSU while not at full strength… but it also opens up an argument that maybe MD chose to cancel the game because they didn’t want to have a bad loss to OSU on their resume. The game was canceled on Wednesday, why not continue to test their players until Saturday and then see if the game can be played?

    If we use Wisconsin as the example, their players and coaches (or families) acted irresponsibly but Nebraska and Purdue get punished for doing nothing wrong? Wisconsin should have had to play freshmen if need be, or forfeit the games. I bet if they had been forced to forfeit the games… some how they would have figured out a way to play the game with their remaining players.

    Now my only hope is that the rest of the conferences also have major issues finishing their seasons, so everything gets pushed back… so we can reschedule some of these missed games.

  2. I have a few thoughts on this, so please excuse my language…..#@$%××?&%?&% not to mention %$#@&%$#@?()&%!!!!!. Furthermore, what am I supposed to #$@$%#@# watch on Saturday?!!!

    1. The Masters then Wisconsin beating mi at night.

  3. ughhhhhhhhh.. the big Ten was stupid unlike the SEC which allowed for some open weeks to reschedule these games..this sucks

    1. Except that the B1G might have saved PSU’s Journey Brown’s life… so even if you don’t like that they started late… some good has come from their reluctance to start the season without a plan for the heart condition caused by Covid.

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