Rutgers’ Greg Schiano, Players Talk 49-27 Loss to Ohio State

COLUMBUS – Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano met with the media following the Scarlet Knights’ 49-27 loss to Ohio State on Saturday.

A handful of Rutgers players also answered questions from reporters following the game.

Here’s a summary of what was said.

Greg Schiano

+ They played the measuring stick in their conference and they didn’t quite measure up but they did some good things. They played the whole game, but they didn’t perform or coach very well in the first half. They continued to chop the whole game and that’s a good place to be building from.

+ They are trying to find the best ways to win games.

+ How far they go depends on what they do with this. They challenged themselves in the second half. They just put themselves behind by the performance in the first half.

+ They have a tough game at Noon next week and the focus shifts to that immediately. But they have to build on this. They have a vision and they know what they want to be. They are building something. The kids have given an incredible effort. They are trying to win every game.

+ On the lateral passes on kickoffs, Schiano said those were tough because they knew Ohio State was athletic but they were fortunate. They practiced it all week and they executed it in the game.

+ Schiano said he wasn’t worried about unloading too much of the playbook in this game, he said every week is a one game season. That’s why they pay them the big bucks to draw something else up.

+ They have to learn from this, they expect to win. “That’s the essence of coaching and we all have to do a better job starting with me.”

+ They made mistakes in the first half that for the most part they were able to correct but the main ingredient was that not one person on the sideline said ‘ah what’s the sense’ everybody kept going and that’s why they had a chance.

+ Confidence comes from physical, mental, emotional preparation and that’s where playing loose comes from. But making plays also helps. It’s the chicken and the egg.

+ On Justin Fields, Schiano said they did a good job putting pressure on him but it’s hard. He’s really good. He probably will win the Heisman, he’s that good, and let’s remember who is catching the ball, those are two elite receivers. He got to coach Chris Olave and knew he was a big pro-time receiver. Schiano also mentioned the skill levels of the tight ends.

+ They don’t have to worry about ‘being this or being that’ but they have to find ways to win.

Bo Melton

Senior Wide Receiver

+ On the second half, he said coach Schiano told everyone to do their jobs. They fight and they fight to play. The way they played in the second half was amazing they just have to do that sooner.

+ On building confidence from this game, he said he is happy with the way they fought in general. They have to keep working and keep chopping every day and every moment.

+ On the trick plays, Melton said they just go out there and execute plays that are called. They play to win. It will lead to big things.

+ On the execution of the offense, a lot of players stepped up.

Noah Vedral

Senior Quarterback

+ They made improvements from last week. His guys battled hard they just have to do it a little sooner.

+ On the offense as a whole, Vedral said that when they got going they got in a rhythm and they did a better job finding it but they have to avoid the stale patches because that will help a lot.

+ Vedral said they felt a lot of confidence from just the fight in this game. They showed a lot of grit but they have a lot to learn from this.

Aron Cruickshank

Wide Receiver

+ On the offense, he said it is pretty solid but they have to get in to a rhythm. Once they do that they will be fine but they have to find that quicker.

+ On his growth as a receiver since transferring from Wisconsin, he said coach Underwood has helped him a lot and as really helped make him a receiver.

Raiqwon O’Neal

Offensive Lineman

+ That was the first time he scored a touchdown. They practiced it all week and executed it perfectly. It was really exciting but they had to focus on the next play.

+ Ohio State has the best defensive line in the country. This built his confidence up a lot. This game shows what they can do when they do their jobs.

+ On the trick plays, it shows that they can execute anything they are given. Anything in the game plan they believe they can execute it.

[Photo courtesy of Ohio State Department of Athletics]

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