Big Ten Champs! OSU defeats Northwestern 22-10 behind record-setting performance by Trey Sermon

Big Ten Football Trophies

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  1. At the very least these kids are going to get Big Ten Championship rings in 2020. Not too long ago the leaders of this conference told them that there would be no football season this year.

  2. Justin Fields took a lot of criticism today. But honestly, it wasn’t his fault.

    NW decided before the game started they were not going to lose via the “passing game”. They saw that as the knock out punch to avoid.

    This being so, they committed to dropping 8 and playing coverage. And for 80% of the game we called a game plan thar was the exact opposite of what we should have given their scheme. And this forced Fields to try to throw into coverage and throw in ill advised situations. Fields looked bad, but the coaches and stubborn game plan made him look bad.

  3. The lack of fans this year had a great deal on the final score of the games this year. I was fortunate enough to attend the conference championship last year and in 2018 in Indianapolis. It was simply electrifying. The OSU fans outnumbered Northwestern and Wisconsin 2-1. This year each team was allowed only 1000 fans. The piped in sounds that we heard on the tv this afternoon was much louder than what the players heard on the field. I would like to know what the sound level was like today at the game. We as fans need to take this into consideration. Can our team get better over the next few weeks? Yes we can, but we need to put ourselves in these players’s shoes before we start to criticize them and for how they have played in this pandemic year. The last pandemic took place in 1918 and in that year we still were able to play TSUN.

  4. Sorry to say this but this is definitely not a playoff team and if we get in the playoffs we will start the New Year being exposed and embarrassed.

    First several games I thought Justin Fields could keep us in any game no matter how poorly our defense played and now we have a running game and a horrible passing game with Fields.

    Defense saved us today but against a QB never playing on Sundays and with zero offensive threats. There will be no Northwestern offenses in the playoffs.

    We need to also find a play caller for our offense as I think all of us besides our coaching staff knew this was not Justin Fields day and that we should pound the ball a lot sooner than our coaching staff.

    We found it hilarious on our last touchdown drive when we ran the ball down Northwestern’s throats gaining 5 or more yards on every carry and we only had one completed pass on the drive that on the 2 point conversion from the 2 yard line that we decide to pass the ball. Hilarious !!!

    We need to go play Oregon or Cincinnati or Georgia.
    Big Ten is a much better basketball conference now with a very good chance to win a basketball championship this year and zero chance for a football championship this year.

    1. Well we did not have Olave and Njigba. Northwestern only had to focus on Garrett Wilson. On defense we did not have Browning and Baptiste. We also missed Christman our punter. Will we beat ND or Clemson? I don’t know, but if we have all of our starters back, I think we can do it. Think about it we only played 6 games this year while other conferences have played 9 or 10 games where they were able to improve every week.

      1. Whenever a team rushes for 399 yards and basically dominates the 2nd half, trailing only by 4, that’s a good team, especially against a solid D. If OSU had Olive, they could have easily scored 14-21 more points. Go Bucks.

    2. That is what a meatchicken fan would say. They are a better basketball school now than a football school. Never take a B1G Championship in Football for granted. We have 4 of them in a row. If we lose in the semifinal if they allow us in so be it, but we are Big Ten Champions in Football on this day 12/19/2020. Don’t down play that fact.

  5. I’ve drank more beers during the first half than I’ve ever had in the first half and I am over 50 years old. We got a few weeks to get everyone healthy and win two more games. Ryan Day has not lost to a big ten team yet. We just signed a great recruiting class on Wednesday. This program is looking gooooooooooooood.

  6. who predicted THAT from Sermon?! great job o-line and defense in most of game and Sermon ran like a beast….now we need 2 things—Field’s hand to be 100% and ALL our key players back. wasn’t pretty but gritty tough win against a very solid defense..go Buckeyes!

  7. 4- Peat B1G Champs in this 100 year pandemic. 6-0 Big 2020 Ten Champs, who would’ve thought? Obviously we missed Chris Olave and some defensive players, but man did Trey Sermon step up. Let’s get everyone back and I hope we play the loud mouths Dabo Sweeney and the Tigers in the Rose Bowl on Jan 1 and shut them up.

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