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E.J. Liddell Enters Name Into 2021 NBA Draft, Maintains Eligibility

EJ Liddell Ohio State Buckeyes

COLUMBUS – Ohio State sophomore forward E.J. Liddell will test the NBA draft market by entering his name into the 2021 NBA Draft he announced via social media on Wednesday. Liddell maintains his collegiate eligibility and has the ability to come back to Ohio State next season while going through the NBA workout process.

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  1. Mews summed it up well..he needs to stay..too many leave too early in basketball…

  2. Do not believe that he is ready. Hopefully he understands that the majority of Buckeye nation is behind not, not like a few nut cases who threatened him. But if he wishes to check out his status, he may find out that one or two more years in Columbus might serve him…….and OSU very well.

    1. He’s pretty close to ready. Much closer than every other early leaver we’ve had since Russell. I’d recommend one more year just for polishing but he’ll be decent. Made on heck of an improvement from last year to this one. No doubt the threats had a ton to do with this decision.

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