Ryan Day Updates Following Fall Camp Practice No. 1

Ohio State football Ryan Day press conference

COLUMBUS — Ohio State head coach Ryan Day met with the media following the Buckeyes’ first practice of fall camp.

Here are the highlights.

Ryan Day

+ LB Palaie Gaoteote still waiting on his waiver. He is not on scholarship at the moment. He will be if he clears the waiver. He is part of the program, but they can’t throw him in with the 1s and 2s because they don’t know if he will be eligible or not.

+ This is the most depth they have had at running back.

+ Steele Chambers looks excellent at linebacker. He is quick and bright. They have talked about moving him around a bit between running back and linebacker and will get his thoughts on that throughout the practices. He has the ability to make an impact.

+ On Josh Fryar, Day said he had talent but he needed to change his body to become more consistent. He has the ability. He could be an All-Big Ten player in some clips but then others he is exhausted and is making mistakes so now they are looking to see if he can take the next step.

+ Miyan Williams looks strong.

+ This is the most amount of players they have ever had in a camp due to having a number of super seniors. There are a lot of reps to go around.

+ His message to the team after practice was to focus on recovery so they can be fresh for the next practice and get more good reps.

+ Cade Stover needs to replace Luke Farrell. He was named an Iron Buckeye by strength coach Mickey Marotti. They had a lot of players who were named Iron Buckeyes.

+ On the feeling of the team, Day said there’s a lot of guys on the team who have played a lot of football. But there’s also a lot of young guys. He won’t know until they get into some games and figure it out. The linebacker position will be huge. “I don’t think we know yet.”

+ On the health of the team, Day said there are a handful of guys who are still easing their way into camp. Tyler Friday won’t be available for camp and most of the season.  Cam Brown looks good running around. But a number of players have pitch counts so their reps are limited.

+ Cody Simon had a very good spring. He thinks they will need a number of linebackers this season unlike last year where it was the same four players. That position will get a lot of attention and focus.

+ On the defensive line, Day said the young players are going to have to get on the field sooner than they thought.

+ On the bullet position, Day said it’s a package for them. Ronnie Hickman, Craig Young, and Kourt Williams had good springs. The depth there gives them options.

+ “It was good to see a lot of young guys out there.”

+ “I thought we threw and caught the ball well for day one. The ball didn’t touch the ground.” But the quarterbacks still have a long way to go.

+ He thought the secondary had juice. Because they have depth this year they can practice harder and be fresher. “We looked a little sharper today.”

+ On Tyreke Smith, Day said he has a lot of abilities and is talented. The biggest thing for him is taking care of his body. “When he’s on the field, good things happen.”

+ Special teams are a big area of focus. “We have to be on point there.” Day wants it to be an advantage for them.

+ The team is over 90% vaccinated.

+ Sevyn Banks is a good leader in the secondary. He told the freshman that their legacy starts now. They can’t afford to wait around anymore. He thinks the older guys are leading the way.

+ The three freshman receivers are all very different but they are all looking really good. He has been very impressed and thinks they can have an impact early on.

+ On Harry Miller, Day said he is starting at center but he has flexibility to move around. “He can do a lot of things.”

+ The three freshman receivers live with quarterback Kyle McCord. They have a great bond and relationship. McCord   wanted to do that. Day credits his leadership.

+ TreVeyon Henderson is very serious about his football. He is low maintenance. “He has a chance to be special.”

+ On the leadership of the offensive line, Day said they always need a strong vocal leader. They have had players step up and have strong powerful messages. “There has to be a vocal presence in that room. I think we have some really good young leaders in that group.”