Palaie Gaoteote denied eligibility this season by NCAA and other updates from Ryan Day

Ohio State football coach Ryan Day postgame interview

Ryan Day reported today that the NCAA has denied USC linebacker transfer Palaie Gaoteote eligibility at OSU this season. Gaeteote is currently in Columbus and practicing with the team but is paying his own way. Day said that OSU will look into any possible appeal but if there is no appeal or if an appeal is unsuccessful they will have to come up with a plan B for Gaoteote. Day would not elaborate on a reason that the NCAA gave for denying Gaorteote eligibility.

Day did not update any injury status situations but did say that a backup quarterback has not yet been named.

Day was very respectful of the Oregon defense, calling it the fastest and most athletic defense Ohio State has played in a long time. He expects that defense to be very tough and anticipates having to play a field position game at times, particularly early in the game.

Day is looking forward to playing in Ohio Stadium but has warned his team of the danger of getting too emotional. “We always say you have to play with emotion, but you can’t let emotion play with you,” Day said. “We can’t ride that roller coaster. We have to play with unbelievable effort.”

Day said that there will continue to be a rotation in the secondary, especially with the high number of plays he expects in the Oregon game due to the fast pace that both teams are likely to play. He also said, however, that it is important to establish a rhythm on defense so a balance will have to be found between frequent substitution and letting players play.

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  1. So yesterday ineligible and today eligible. How is this possible ?

    Did someone just put the x in the wrong box on the form and sent it to OSU ?

  2. Palaie should have switched to Bama initially. The NCAA would have rubber stamped his eligibility months ago. Then he could have used the transfer portal to play at OSU.

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