Two-Minute Drill: Ryan Day, Buckeyes Talk 41-20 Win Against Tulsa

COLUMBUS – Ohio State head coach Ryan Day and a handful of players met with the media immediately following the Buckeyes’ 41-20 win against Tulsa.

Here are the highlights.

Ryan Day

+  It was great to get a win and get last week out of their system. Getting the run game established and stopping the run in this game were good signs. “Still a lot of things to work on but it was a step in the right direction.”

+ They stopped the run better and did mix up some of the looks this week defensively. They changed things structurally and he thought the defense played with good energy. There were some in-game adjustments that were implemented better than last week.

+ Matt Barnes called the defense and Kerry Coombs was up in the box helping with in-game adjustments. Coombs was a professional and he wants to win. He is still very much a part of the defense and Ohio State. Day will continue to evaluate the defensive duties.

+ On TreVeyon Henderson, Day said since he has come to Ohio State he has worked really hard. He takes his job very seriously and he ran hard. When he gets to the second level he gives them the ability to hit home runs.

+ On seeing interceptions, Day said it is exciting to see players challenging the ball but he would like to see more of a pass rush. They have to do a better job of making the QB uncomfortable but the coverage was better and young guys were making plays.

+ Miyan Williams is healthy. They were playing the hot hand with TreVeyon Henderson, Master Teague had a great week of practice, and Williams missed a practice this week because he didn’t feel well.

+ They are still seeking balance on offense.

+ He spent less time with the offense this week but he is the head coach and has to stay involved the defense because ultimately he is responsible for it.

+ On growing pains of C.J. Stroud, Day said he threw some good balls. There is still a lot of good going on. “He’s going to miss some throws but he is learning and growing.”

+ Day feels relieved.

+ “This game was a step in the right direction, how far? They will find out after watching film.”

+ On Henderson’s big plays, Day said each running back is different but he is someone who can hit home-runs and that is special. It’s a whole different dynamic. “What an exciting start to his freshman year.”

+ On Zach Harrison, Day said they are hoping to get him back to practice next week. But they felt the best thing for him was to hold him out and get

+ On Thayer Munford, Day said it doesn’t look long-term based on the images that were taken which is good.

+ The big defensive plays were encouraging. “It’s give and take.” They are a young team and Day thinks they will get what they invested in them in the future because they are so talented. They have a bright future.

C.J. Stroud

+ Winning isn’t easy. He got greedy on one play and caused a turnover.

+ Every time the play comes he feels like he is good at it. But he will get back at film to evaluate.

+ On his shoulder, Stroud said he was “healthy enough to play.” He’s definitely not 100 percent, but “who is 100 percent at this time? We have a job to do.” His shoulder hurts but he has to grind through it and that’s just football. He just thanks God he was even allowed to play this game and was healthy enough to play.

+ “We definitely have to get better.”

+ On Chris Olave not having a catch, Stroud said Olave is a great receiver who can do amazing things but today was Garrett [Wilson’s] day. But Olave will bounce back. It just happens. He also had a couple of calls that didn’t go his way.

+ On TreVeyon Henderson, they already knew what he had but he put it all on display in this game.

+ On Tulsa’s defense, Stroud said they run a 3-3-5 and they were hard to play against. It was hard getting a rhythm. “We definitely should have been better.”

+ On a learning curve as a young quarterback, Stroud said every game is a learning aspect for him. He’s only 19 playing at this level. It’s not an excuse but he is still learning. “I’m going to keep going.” He knows he is a great player.

+ He feels he needs to improve all over. They got a funky look on the interception so he thinks he can learn to read coverages better. He wishes he was 100 percent but he can be more accurate earlier in the game to get rhythm going.

+ “The execution starts with me so I have to do my job better.”

+ They haven’t had a “perfect balance” on offense yet. Once they put everything together and execute at a high level, “I think we’ll be okay.”

Cameron Brown

+ They had to tune out the outside noise after last week.

Cameron Martinez

+ On making a pick six, Martinez said it felt good and he had confidence in the defense that they would get a pick. He is glad it was him.

+ His role was to do whatever he was told and he thinks he did a good job.

+ On being told he would be the slot guy in the nickel package, Martinez said he was told to be ready and his name was called this weekend. He was having a lot of fun out there playing.

+ Denzel Burke has always been “that type of player.” He keeps on getting better.

Ronnie Hickman

+ On this week after dealing with the criticism, Hickman said they had to get back to their roots, get back to practice, and do the little things right. “I think it showed today.”

Nicholas Petit-Frere

+ The offensive line communicated more and had more trust in each other. It was a team effort and they had a lot of contributors on offense doing the right things.

+ He is very proud of TreVeyon Henderson. He has come in and worked very hard for this.

+ Thayer Munford is a leader on the offensive line, the offense, and the team in general. Matthew Jones did a great job filling his role when his number was called.

+ Dawand Jones is an amazing player and he had a great day. The whole offensive line was hungry to compete and Petit-Frere was happy to see that people recognized that.

+ The whole team is happy for each other when someone accomplishes something because it means that as a team they are accomplishing something.

TreVeyon Henderson

+ On a performance like this, Henderson said he wasn’t expecting something like this but he had a lot of big goals for himself and he reached one of them in this game by breaking the all-time freshman rushing record.

+ He is excited but he has to keep this going and doesn’t want this to be just a one-time thing.

+ His 20+ carries came as a surprise. They all worked hard this week and he wasn’t expecting this many carries. He didn’t know he was going to start until right before the game.

+ On beating Archie Griffin’s record, Henderson said he has watched a lot of his film. He watches a lot of film of the past Ohio State running backs.

+ When he came out of the game briefly Henderson said he felt the nose tackle on his knee and it hurt so he pulled it out as fast as he could. Henderson thinks if he hadn’t pulled his knee out of the pile so fast it could have been much worse. That was his “best move” of the day.

+ On his ability to hit home runs, Henderson said it’s all natural. He tries not to think so hard.

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  1. Huge improvement by defense, gave up +500 yards to a 0-3 team that lost to FCS UC Davis two weeks ago. cannot figure out why Stroud will not keep the ball occasionally on the RPO, too predictable. and how do we not play Miyan Williams after not playing Teague the week before. would like to see WR Fleming get a chance before he transfers out

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