Two-Minute Drill: Ryan Day Previews Oregon

COLUMBUS — Ohio State head coach Ryan Day met with the media on Tuesday to recap Minnesota and preview the Buckeyes’ home game against Oregon this Saturday.

Here are the highlights.

Ryan Day

+ Having recruits and their families see the crowd and the experience will be great. It has been over 600 days since they have had a full stadium at home. He is hoping the crowd will be excellent. But the focus is all about winning this game. The recruits know they might not get as much attention as they typically would.

+ On sticking with the game plan, Day said they make that decision before they enter the field. The emotions of the game are not when they want to make those decisions.

+ On Sevyn Banks, Josh Proctor, and Cam Brown, Day said there are different situations but he will not comment on any type of injuries.

+ On Nicholas Petit-Frere at left tackle, Day said he is very talented and it allows them to get the best five players on the field. They felt like he could do it and making the move has been good for him. He has a big challenge this week.

+ On playing four running backs, Day said he will look to shorten the rotation this week. “It was a very unique game. To have 45 points on 48 plays. I wish we had more plays to evaluate but moving to this game that is probably the goal.”

+ On TreVeyon Henderson, Day said he let Tony Alford make the decisions. He knows when to roll the players in. They try to call plays based on who is in the game but that is very difficult to do because there are a lot of factors to take into consideration.

+ “We need Buckeye Nation in this game. This is a very big game for our program.”

+ On Jeremy Ruckert’s blocks against Minnesota, Day said he played well and graded a champion. He made a really good catch and he did a good job blocking. That is a huge part of his game right now, he has become a well-rounded player.

+ On tackling, there were some good things but also some missed tackles. There wasn’t a lot of explosive plays which was good. It is terrible news to see Mohammad Ibrahim out for the season. “College football could really use him.”

+ He is very close with Chip Kelly. They have always stayed very close. He is a mentor for Day. He thought long and hard about going to Oregon with him but it was too far to go at that time in his life. “What he did at Oregon was unbelievable.”

+ On C.J. Stroud’s performance, Day said going through the adversity early on opened his eyes to some things. He worked through things and it was great. “It’s just the first step in a long journey for C.J. and our offense.”

+ Oregon has a style of great toughness and line play. They are also very athletic. “We’re going to have to play and keep up with them speed-wise.”

+ “We have to keep growing.” Nothing has changed for Stroud in terms of taking care of the football and leading the offense.

+ Day thought the secondary competed and had some edge to them. There were mistakes and plays they want back but they were learning. It’s a reference point and overall there were some really good things. But improvement has to happen for them to win this game.

+ On the linebacker play, Minnesota was changing personnel a lot so Day wanted to match personnel in that game because of Minnesota’s style of play. “It looked like a New York sidewalk at times.” They are going to continue to play depth but that was unique to that game.

+ The defense almost created three turnovers which was really important and he was excited about. Tackling overall was ok. Holding Minnesota to explosive plays was pretty good overall. “There were some positives, but things we have to clean up.”

+ On wearing a helmet decal for 9/11, Day said they will talk about the significance of it this week. Day was a junior in college getting ready for a practice when it came on the TV screen. He remembers calling home and for a few days after not feeling safe. They were out on the practice field not knowing what to do and they canceled their game for that weekend. He had a teammate who lost a loved one. This year brings up a lot of memories.

+ Minnesota’s stadium was loud on 3rd down. There was a lot of electricity when there was a big play on their side. He thought they handled the electricity and the emotions pretty well.

+ On Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson, Day said he appreciates them so much. The work ethic they have and the work they have put in was significant and allows them to be as dynamic as they are.

+ On Luke Wypler at center, Day said he was thrown in the fire and it was a hell of a start. He is proud of him but he has to continue to build on that. “If Luke keeps doing what he is doing, he is going to play a lot.”

+ Day thought Stroud saw the game pretty well. There were a few misses but there was a lot of good.

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