Two-Minute Drill: Tulsa Week | Ryan Day Recaps Oregon Loss, Previews Tulsa Game

COLUMBUS – Following Ohio State’s loss to Oregon on Saturday, head coach Ryan Day met with the media on Tuesday to recap the game and preview Tulsa.

There are a ton of updates below.

Ryan Day

+ Giving up too many plays and points is not a single game, it’s a pattern. How they address offenses and structurally how they are doing their day to day operations are changing.

+ Losing Josh Proctor for the whole year changes some things. Bryson Shaw has had some good snaps but they are looking at moving people around a bit.

+ When things are cooking they have an opportunity to be explosive offensively but they have to do a better job of playing complimentary football.

+ He thought they had good tempo at times and got in and out of the right plays but not finishing drives is not good enough. Moving forward, they have to run the ball better and do a better job of completing drives. But Day thinks they have been doing a good job of moving the ball down the field.

+ On Palaie Gaoteote, Day said he was with the defense and was still getting reps but moving forward he will be at the Sam linebacker spot. He’s a big body and is athletic. He especially helps in two tight end sets.

+ On assessing the play of the younger players at corner, Day said the coaches are taking the snaps that they’ve seen them do and are trying to put the right players out there. They like to play depth, so trying to find the balance is what they’re after right now and they have to look at all of their options. Finding the right people in the right spots is part of coaching.

+ On potentially playing too much depth at linebacker, Day said if the starters were playing at a high level that would be the case. But he is not seeing consistency from them. “When it’s not working you have to look at all of those things.”

+ On making adjustments structurally with the defense, Day said coming into the season it was hard to identify what the issues were and he felt confident they could get them fixed and addressed. Adjustments in the pass game were implemented but not in the run game.

+ “There’s a lot of things to look at” on defense.

+ On responding to a loss at Ohio State, Day said responding is key. The issues that were there were exposed so now he can address them and now he is able to find out how this team handles adversity. “When something goes bad you find out who people are. It’s called life.” Day thinks if they come out strong it could make them better.

+ On the past two losses ending the season in the playoffs, Day said the fact that they get to play this weekend and not sitting on the loss doesn’t make a difference. This loss is not an easy one.

+ On the conversations with the defensive staff, Day said they are honest and real. It’s not uncomfortable but it’s real and he has no problem having those conversations.

+ Denzel Burke has shown in the games what he has shown in practice. He has a very bright future but everything he is doing is for the first time. As a young player stepping in he has done a good job.

+ He would rather not address what structural changes he is making on defense. He wants to act and not overreact and make sure he is doing things the right way. But at a certain point he has to make sure things get fixed. “We’re looking at all of those things.”

+ Limiting a team’s passing game last year was an issue and now it’s stopping the run. “Different issues, same outcome.”

+ A lot of the defensive players have flashed but consistency across the board is not where it needs to be.

+ On the level of confidence in Kerry Coombs, Day said the results over the last couple of games are not what they expect here.

+ Coaching is figuring out where strengths and weaknesses are and helping the players.

+ On reviewing the defensive plays, he looked at a couple of them and wondered what was going on.

+ On changing defensive responsibilities, Day said has looked at that.

+ Sevyn Banks is not too injured to play. He has had some injuries but now he is healthy. He hasn’t played but they hope to get him on the field this weekend.

+ On C.J. Stroud’s health, Day said part of being a quarterback is managing bumps and bruises.

+ Day said he knows no one is used to losing but they are moving on and making corrections. “The sun came up and we’re going to go from there.”

+ On C.J. Stroud, “He has made some throws that I have not seen a young kid make in a long time.” Day said they have to help him more by running the football better and playing better on defense.

+ Oregon had more two-gapping and Ohio State struggled to get into a rhythm and it caused some confusion. There were some good hits but they weren’t consistent enough.

+ All of the teams they are facing are very different. They see a lot of different things each week.

+ On the penalties on the offensive line, Day said they were both in tempo and they need to keep their poise when they are going fast. It was a shame that it happened because they had big plays. They have to practice that better.

+ “We certainly haven’t found an identity on defense yet.”

+ Stroud did a great job being aggressive running the ball. He has a pretty good feel in the pocket and he is a threat with his legs. They will continue to build on that.

+ On the lack of production from the defensive line, Day said it was frustrating. They have to create disruption and pressure they quarterback and they didn’t do that.

+ The 77-yard touchdown by Oregon was a lack of fit and poor execution.

+ On Kerry Coombs calling the defense this weekend, Day said he doesn’t want to say anything. He is addressing things this week and will look at all of those things. No decisions have been made.

+ On focusing so much on defense this week, Day said he is not happy about it at all. He needs the defense, special teams, and conditioning to be on point so that he can focus and do what he needs to do on offense. But he needed to be more involved on defense to figure things out. “I hire guys to do a job and they gotta do it.” He has to figure out who in that room, and what can they do to give them the best chance to win. “We have good coaches and players so we can figure it out.”

+ Josh Proctor provided experience which they needed.

+ On Jaxon Smith-Njigba’s game, Day said he can change directions, can wiggle free in coverage, and has big-play potential. He had some good routes and made some really big catches.

+ Yes, Kerry Coombs is still the defensive coordinator. But they are “looking at everything.”

+ On defining success moving forward, Day said it will be progress, confidence being built, and high-level execution. “You know it when you see it.”

7 Responses

  1. I am perplexed about the lack of misdirection plays. Counter plays can be very effective. I agree that we have to have the QB run more, whether it is a designed play or a scramble. As far as Coombs goes, I was really happy when he came back. Now I am not so pleased, the defense is not as good as it once was. However, they are relatively inexperienced. Last year’s weird season limited development opportunities for players and coaches. Day sounds like he is willing to give KC a little more time, but not much. A reasonable approach for the moment, but this is OSU. Seize the moment or move on.

  2. Three things are needed:

    1. More mature and less impatient play calling. Put together a methodical drive sometimes. Every score does have to be a homerun. Rarely, if ever, should we pass on 1sr, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th down (especially from the 50 yd line with 4 minutes in the game)

    2. Best players must play regardless of seniority. See Shaw, Eichenberg, Tyreke Smith, & co. No valid reason they still play.

    3. Someone other than KC must take over the defense. Players, coaches, nor fans believe in KC anymore.

  3. QB Run all but disappeared with JT Barrett. QB needs ~10 called run plays per game. Lanes were wide open for the QB.
    Give me some Teague! Poor guy didn’t get a snap. He has earned his time on the field.

    1. Teague is the least talented back on osu rooster. I’d be fine to not see him in games. Nothing against the guy he’s just not osu RB material. He’s been beaten out by Williams and Henderson and it showed sat.

  4. Have not seen Stroud keep the ball once on an RPO, some were wide open. Fields would pull the ball back and run 4-5 times a game. Stroud needs to do that especially when the whole defense reacts to the RB.. god knows we should not t have to worry about him getting hurt, since we supposedly have three other “all-americans” Qb on the bench

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