Sights and Sounds: 108th Rose Bowl Game

PASADENA, Calif. — Take a sneak peek into the Rose Bowl game day experience with sights and sounds from Saturday’s game.

This post will continue to be updated throughout the day.


The media arrived on a shuttle around 9:00 am PST and funneled through security. Fans were already in the parking lots checking out the merchandise tents and gathering.

I walked around the stadium and onto the field to take photos and explore the stadium.

It was 60 degrees and sunny all day in Pasadena.

The stadium had a variety of food trucks and merchandise tents available for fans, as well as a 2022 sign with roses in the 0 for fans to take photos in front of.

As I was walking around the Buckeyes started to come into the stadium and go into the locker room. A few players were walking around exploring the stadium as well.

At 11:00 I went up to the Press Box to set up as fans started to enter the stadium.

By 12:00 Noon, Utah players were out on the field warming up. Shortly after, the Buckeyes entered the stadium and walked across the field to their end zone but went back to the locker room after.

At 12:30 the Buckeyes came back on the field with their units for warmups. At the same time, a ton of fireworks went off behind the stadium scoreboard.

Moments later, fans cheered as TBDBITL and the cheerleaders came onto the field out of the tunnels.

I went down to the field for pregame warmups as fans filled the stadium.

After warmups fans were still filling the stadium as I walked back up to the press box to prepare for kickoff. The marching bands then performed their fight songs.

The National Anthem was played and both teams took the field.

After the coin toss, it was time for kickoff.


Utah alumnus Steve Smith Jr. was interviewed in the stadium during a TV timeout. He got a loud cheer from the crowd.

Hang on Sloopy played at a time out and it featured a light show in the stadium.

Fireworks went off between the third and fourth quarters.

On the video board, the Rose Bowl honored Aaron Lowe and Ty Jordan, two Utah players who were killed in the last year.

Towards the end of the fourth quarter, I made my way down to the field. Ohio State had just scored to take the lead but Utah quickly responded.

After the field goal, Utah took its possession and the clock ran out. Immediately as the clock hit 0:00, confetti began filling the air.


Players and coaches and their families immediately rush the field to celebrate the win as the Rose Bowl staff bring the stage onto the field to present the trophy.

Utah players and fans quickly exited the field and the stadium.

I grabbed a few players for immediate reactions to the win after the trophy ceremony.

The players also went down to the band to sing Carmen Ohio in front of the Ohio State fans in the stadium.

Players and coaches filed out of the locker rooms at their own pace with their roses and “Rose Bowl Champions” gear and made their way out of the stadium. The media had postgame interviews and press conferences with a handful of players.

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