Notes and Quotes: Fall Camp Updates From Corey Dennis and Quarterbacks

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State quarterback coach Corey Dennis met with the media on Thursday to provide updates on C.J. Stroud and the competition between the backup quarterbacks. C.J. Stroud, Kyle McCord, and Devin Brown also provided updates on fall camp.

Here are the highlights of what was said.

Corey Dennis

+ They focus on winning the moment and competitive excellence. “Everyone is focusing on themselves.” They have high expectations this year.

+ Stroud wants to get better and is always working on his craft and enhancing skills. That would have happened no matter what kind of year he had last year. But the conversations and “why” things are happening have changed this year.

+ For Stroud, there is a sense of comfort in walking out and being a starter.

+ The goal is for all of the quarterbacks to be game-ready. The reps are flowing everyday between Kyle McCord and Devin Brown, it depends on the day but they are all getting reps. The competition there is within themselves to get better and develop “because you have to take care of yourself.”

+ On Stroud becoming a captain, Dennis said it was awesome to see him be voted by his peers for that. He is a vocal presence and the team rallies around him.

+ “Kyle McCord’s confidence is there.”

C.J. Stroud 

+ He feels like he is managing the game better than last year and is taking what the defense gives him and is going through the reads the right way. The game has been slower for him.

+ The defense has “mastered their defense.”

+ On the defense making him think longer, Stroud said that was the case in the spring but after seeing it more in camp it’s not that tough for him. Even if it does take longer, he doesn’t overthink it.

+ On the chemistry with his receivers, Stroud said the chemistry was built in the spring and in private workouts. He is even building chemistry with the 2s and 3s.

+ On Kaleb Brown, Stroud said he’s very twitchy and quick. He sees the field well and “he looks really good.”

+ On being a captain, Stroud said “it’s a blessing from God.” Coach Mick (Mickey Marotti) made him into a man of character and the team brings accountability. He is blessed to be in this position and amongst the legacies of other Buckeye captains.

+ On making a statement after the losses last year, Stroud said “we don’t have nothing to prove to anybody. At the end of the day it’s about Ohio State, not anybody else.” Stroud thinks if Ohio State shows up as Ohio State, they will be tough to beat.

+ On Cade Stover improving in the passing game as a receiver, Stroud said he’s been working a lot and plays big. He has improved his route running and is looking promising.

Kyle McCord

+ On making a big leap from year one to year two, McCord said once he got a full season and offseason in, he understood the ins and outs of the offense and things slowed down for him. He talked to Braxton Miller about the jump he made. “I’m falling in love with the process.”

+ Maturing as a quarterback has taught him a lot about getting his team in the position to succeed.

+ On his confidence to step in if Stroud goes down, McCord said if that happens, he can’t try to be C.J. Stroud, he has to be himself. But he has a lot more confidence now and understands a lot more.

Devin Brown 

+ The game has slowed down a little bit and he’s understanding the looks he’s getting. The defense is making practice hard, which has been good. The offense has also been a big learning curve.

+ Arriving early at Ohio State has helped get his body right. It was a huge advantage to him.

+ On learning from C.J. Stroud, Brown said he’s a very vocal leader and players will do anything for him. But Stroud has a great understanding of the offense and he anticipates things, so he is trying to understand what he sees.

+ “The main focus right now is making routine plays, routinely.”

+ The quarterbacks all have to get each other better. It takes the whole unit to win games.