WATCH: Buckeye Players Preview Indiana, Talk Excitement of Starting the Season

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A handful of Ohio State players met with the media following the Buckeyes’ practice on Wednesday evening in preparation for the season opener against Indiana on Saturday.

The players talked about the excitement of starting the season and playing in a game. You can watch clips from the interviews below.

RB TreVeyon Henderson

OL Donovan Jackson


DB Lathan Ransom

WR Xavier Johnson

DL Mike Hall

Photo via Ohio State Dept. of Athletics.

3 Responses

  1. It’s great to play a game at the opponent’s home field for a change rather than playing four palookas in a row at home in Columbus. I wouldn’t waste my time going to those scrimmages. I probably will watch only a few minutes of each of those until Notre Dame. I’d rather watch some 15-year-old boys’ high school soccer team beat the tar out of the women’s national soccer team again. At least the competition is better. It’s all about the money. They’ve learned well from the SEC.

  2. I want to correct ESPN’s hack writers that referred to Ryan Day being on the hot seat or at least warm seat due to:

    1) Losing to Michigan two tears in a row
    2) Not going to the NC game for two years in a row

    I couldn’t disagree more about #2. They are full of it. I couldn’t care less about that. I need to restrain myself. NO OSU head coach EVER has been fired for not getting into a NC game often enough. Real Buckeye fans who haven’t sold out to Disney/ABC/ESPN/NCAA memes know that LOSING TO MICHIGAN is what gets an OSU coach fired. Failure to win the conference for more than two years in a row can place them on the hot seat as well, but. It’s utterly laughable that Woody Hayes, Earle Bruce, or John Cooper were ever under pressure to be in a NC game every couple of years. It’s just more proof of how corrupt the system has gotten when the same 3-4 teams are expected to be there every year or two. OSU went well over 30 years without a NC from Hates until Tressel. None of the interim coaches were fired for that. I think the contemporary regime has lost their way.

    Put it this way. If Day loses to Michigan this year he will definitely be on the hot seat and I’ll be there turning up the thermostat. If they don’t get into the NC tournament it’s not the end of the world. I couldn’t care less about that, or the Heisman campaign, or how many players get drafted into the NFL. Beat UM. Everything else will follow. Lose, and you deserve to be walking in the back alleys of Columbus, as Earle Bruce often said. That’s my rant.

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