Ten Hasty Ohio State Season Predictions That Probably Shouldn’t Be Made

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I’m sitting here one day away from Ohio State’s kickoff and I just realized that I haven’t made any season predictions for the Buckeyes, or if I have, I have no recollection of it. I don’t want to start a dangerous precedent of not making season predictions because how else are you going to know how brilliant or stupid I am?

I don’t really have time to do this — I need to be writing the Tip Sheet — but I feel like if I can do this very quickly and haphazardly, not only can I make predictions for you, but I also have a lock-tight excuse for why I was wrong.

I don’t have any of this jotted down, so I’m just gonna write down whatever comes to me. This is probably how they do it when they set the lines in Vegas.

1. J.K. Dobbins is rushing for 1,000 yards this year.
I’m sorry, but I’m all in on J.K. Dobbins and I have been for a year and a half or so. Kevin Wilson has had a pair of 1,000-yard rushers before, and Mike Weber’s hamstring issues make this much more likely to happen now than say two months ago. And really, Dobbins is only going to need to average 67 yards rushing per game to get to 1,000.

2. Kendall Sheffield will have two pick sixes this season.
I see Kendall Sheffield as an instant punt returner when the ball is in his hands. The Ohio State defense knows exactly where to go and who to block when a turnover happens, and Sheffield is comfortable as a returner. Plus, he’s like faster than 99.9982% of the entire world, and what are the chances that that 0.0018% of the world are the ones chasing him down?

3. J.T. Barrett will be a Heisman finalist.
I’ve talked about what Kevin Wilson means to this offense way too much, and in so doing I’ve neglected to harp on the impact that Ryan Day has made as the quarterbacks coach.

4. No Buckeye will hit double-digit sacks this year.
The Ohio State defensive ends are going to be allowed to rush the passer more aggressively on early downs, which is going to lead to more sacks than a year ago. I’m just not sure how any one defensive end is going to put up double digit sacks when they are having to split time with four or five other dudes.

5. Parris Campbell will have more all-purpose yards than Curtis Samuel had last year.
This might be a spectacular failure, but Spectacular Failure is my band’s name, so I’m gonna go with it. Curtis Samuel had 1,655 all-purpose yards last year, which includes returns. Parris Campbell, meanwhile, finished with 759 all-purpose yards, with 584 of those yards coming via kick return. So if we assume the returns are going to be similar, then I’m gonna need Campbell to finish with 1,100 combined yards rushing and receiving. That would be a pretty good year, if you ask me.

6. Damon Webb will be at least Second-Team All-Big Ten this year.
Damon Webb earned Honorable Mention All-B1G accolades last season from the conference coaches, but Urban Meyer and Greg Schiano are expecting much more from him this year. There are a few openings in the Big Ten secondaries for accolades, so I’ll go ahead and put Webb’s hat in the ring right now.

7. Jerome Baker will be a First-Team All-American
Even if I have to create an All-American team myself, I’m going to be right about this one. I won’t need to, however. Jerome Baker is going to be all over the place this season.

8. The Buckeyes will lead the league in pass plays of 40 or more yards.
Last season, Ohio State had just four pass plays of at least 40 yards. Only Minnesota and Wisconsin were worse in the Big Ten. Indiana, meanwhile, had 16. That was still seven shy of what Penn State did, but so much of the Nittany Lions’ success was Trace McSorley’s right wing and a prayer.

9. Ohio State will not be shutout this season.
(I don’t want to start out 0-for-10.)

10. Six underclassmen will leave early…

…And that’s just from the Ohio State defense.

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  1. What makes James Mills think he knows so much more than Gerd? Leave it to the professionals.

    1. Nothing at all. Tony’s my favorite sportswriter anywhere. Doesn’t mean I agree with everything he has to say just because he’s an expert writer though. Everything listed in this article is pure opinion. Guess what. We ALL have opinions. When I agree with him. I say so. When I don’t? I say so. Welcome to the world where people can do their own research, listen to different comments and formulate their own opinion.

      Try it sometimes. It’s amazing not being told what and how to think.

      1. The next time you agree with me, let me know. I want to print it out and put it up on my fridge. LOL. 🙂

        1. I agree on Johnnie Dixon, the Rushmen package, JK Dobbins, the recruiting prowess of the Buckeye staff.

          If I agree, what’s there to post a message for? 😛

  2. Until Campbell actually shows that he doesn’t have Roberto Durans hands (hands of stone for you younguns’) I’m not buying it. They “say” he might be as fast as Samuel…………..BS. He certainly hasn’t shown anything in the ballpark as being as talented as Curtis, nor having the football speed of Curtis. Sorry. I don’t think he finishes the season as a starter.

    The Jerome Baker prediction is the closest to a sure thing as you have on the list.

    Tyquan finishes with 14 sacks on the year.

    Be absolutely STUNNED if the Buckeyes manage to finish even 4th in the Big 10 with pass plays of 40 plus yards.

    Good chance that both Mike Weber and JK Dobbins rush for a thousand yards. Barrett himself will get another 700-750 yards rushing. The bad news? They’ll have to because Coach Meyer isn’t going to change his stripes in the passing game and it will be nearly as dismal as last year.

    Penn State is still the only real threat to prevent the Buckeyes from winning the East. Since the Buckeyes get them at home, they should win.

    The Buckeyes strength advantage of about 10 – 20 % across the ones is this teams best strength. After the ones are accounted for at EVERY Big 10 school, the Buckeyes backups are 75% better than any of the other programs.

    I’ll get plenty of hate mail for this, but who cares? JT Barrett will NOT be a Heisman finalist and its because he can’t pass the football down the field to save his life. His passing success will for the biggest part remain in the 0 – 15 yard range. Wouldn’t make a difference if he had the Dallas Cowboys offensive line in front of him against college defensive lines. BUT, the power rushing game will be amazing!

    1. James, you ignorant SL**! 😉 Just kidding!
      Sadly, I have to agree with you on Parris and I LIKE the kid! Until he shows he’s got his hands right he’s not gonna stay as the starter at H, much less live up to Gerd’s hopes and hypes.
      Given what we saw of Jerome Baker last year, unless he gets a “sophomore slump” He’s pretty sure-fire for AA this Fall.
      Like Lewis, but yer smokin’ crack, James. Too many gonna see the field. I’m more with CaptFreedm on this one.
      Yeah, hate on J.T. (both for Hypesman and the 40 yard pass plays), but you’re gonna eat your words, mark mine! 😉
      I hope Mike Weber can get to 1k yards, but J.K. WILL.
      Agree that PSU is probably the biggest threat to the East title, and possibly the only one for a loss (yes, I know The Game is at TTUN but I’m not convinced their young kids can play with the Bucks YET!)
      My only prediction for this year is that the Buckeyes will not get beaten by anyone but themselves i.e. no Clemson-type games nor even any games where there’s doubt – if they lose it will be because they shot themselves in the foot too many times to recover in a game.

      1. Well, at least I’ve been called worse in the last 5 minutes, so you’re gonna have to up the terminology just a tad! 😛

        Jerome should have had his sophomore slump last year if he was gonna have it. HE DID…….the bum anyway (tic) Just think what he’s going to get done now that he’s past the slumpin’ point in his career!

        After 4 years I haven’t had to eat my words on JT’s passing. Unfortunately I don’t think I will have to this year either. We’ll see.

        I have the Buckeyes winning tomorrow night 56-10. Figured I’d keep it conservative until I actually see what the offense is going to look like.

  3. No one gets double digit sacks but 6X9=54 and that’s just the ends! Tackles can rack up 10 or so amongst themselves. 66 would scare history itself!! 🙂 Go Bucks!!!

  4. Gerd stealthy included an eleventh prediction: The Bucks at least make it to the CFP Championship Game

    That’s the only way JK Dobbins gets 1000 yards if he averages 67 per game.

  5. Nothing like writing stream of conscious-style… Might take an Act of Congress to get a buckeye tree planted for making the Gerd AA team… but that’s ok.

    This teams is going to need a healthy stud RB, whether its Weber or Dobbins… both healthy then lookout!

    The defense should be really good. No one with 10 sacks… How many with 6+? Six? All 4 starting DE’s, maybe Cooper or Young in garbage time… Jones &/or Landers? Yep…

  6. That’s an interesting list to say the least. I have that same feeling about Dobbins and can only hope you are correct about Campbell. Samuel was one hell of an athlete. I hope coach DAy has managed to speed up Barrett’s passing motion so we can better take advantage of the quick outs.

  7. The wonderful thing is that most of these can come true, we’ll find out beginning in about 30 hours. Interested in a follow up article after the season. LOL!

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