Predicting Ohio State’s Official Depth Chart for Week One

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The official unofficial Ohio State depth chart will be released in the next couple of days, but why should we have to wait for something that we want right now?

Several of the question marks heading into camp have already been answered — like right guard and backup quarterback, but there are still a few areas yet to settle.

The following is what I expect the Ohio State depth chart to look like when it is finally released.


16 J.T. Barrett, rSr
7 Dwayne Haskins, rFr
18 Tate Martell, Fr

It will be a cool tip of the cap to Tate Martell to land on the depth chart in week one, but unless the prognosis on Joe Burrow’s hand is bad news, don’t expect Martell to play any time soon.

Running Back

25 Mike Weber, rSo
2 J.K. Dobbins, Fr
30 Demario McCall, So OR
26 Antonio Williams, So

You could probably consider Antonio Williams the No. 3 running back by himself as Demario McCall pretty much plays a position unique to himself, flexing back and forth between running back and H-back.

X Receiver

11 Austin Mack, So OR
9 Binjimen Victor, So

Austin Mack has already been named a starter, but Zach Smith considers the top two guys at each of his three receiver spots starters.

Z Receiver

83 Terry McLaurin, rJr OR
1 Johnnie Dixon, rJr
8 Trevon Grimes, Fr

Urban Meyer said Trevon Grimes is close to traveling, so don’t be surprised to see him listed here.


21 Parris Campbell, rJr OR
14 K.J. Hill, rSo
30 Demario McCall, So
19 Eric Glover-Williams

I don’t recall four names ever being listed in an Ohio State depth chart, so Demario McCall might not actually show up here.

Tight End

85 Marcus Baugh, rSr
89 Luke Farrell, rFr OR
81 Jake Hausmann, rFr OR
13 Rashod Berry, rSo

I don’t know if all three backups will make the cut, but I also don’t know what would keep any one of them out.

Left Tackle

74 Jamarco Jones, Sr
58 Joshua Alabi, rSo

Left Guard

73 Michael Jordan, So
78 Demetrius Knox, rJr


54 Billy Price, rSr
79 Brady Taylor, rJr OR
64 Jack Wohlabaugh, rFr

Greg Studrawa believes the Buckeyes are three deep at center, so I went with the OR here.

Right Guard

76 Branden Bowen, rSo
69 Matt Burrell, rSo OR
66 Malcolm Pridgeon, rJr

The depth chart last year had three right guards listed as well, so this isn’t anything new.

Right Tackle

59 Isaiah Prince, Jr
75 Thayer Munford, Fr

Thayer Munford is the pick here. Branden Bowen was the backup right tackle last year, but he has moved on to bigger and better things. If something bad were to happen to Isaiah Prince, however, I would expect Bowen to kick outside to tackle.

Defensive End

59 Tyquan Lewis, rSr OR
97 Nick Bosa, So
18 Jonathon Cooper, So

The Buckeyes had six defensive ends listed last year too, so this is nothing new. The only change from 2016 is that Rashod Berry has been replaced by Chase Young. Expect Young to get some snaps.

Defensive End

6 Sam Hubbard, rJr OR
11 Jalyn Holmes, Sr
2 Chase Young, Fr

3-Tech Defensive Tackle

86 Dre’Mont Jones, rSo
9 Jashon Cornell, rSo
92 Haskell Garrett, Fr

There was no mention of Malik Barrow during camp, but don’t be surprised to see him listed here. Haskell Garrett has continued to impress and he is expected to play.

Nose Tackle

67 Robert Landers, rSo OR
93 Tracy Sprinkle, rSr
53 Davon Hamilton, rSo

I don’t know how much Tracy Sprinkle will play until he is 100% back to feeling himself, but there is depth here to get the Buckeyes through the first week.

Will Linebacker

17 Jerome Baker, Jr
16 Keandre Jones, So
32 Tuf Borland, rFr

Middle Linebacker

35 Chris Worley, rSr
47 Justin Hilliard, rSo
5 Baron Browning, Fr

I don’t know for certain if Baron Browning will be listed. Tuf Borland was also getting some snaps at middle linebacker.

Sam Linebacker

33 Dante Booker, rJr
39 Malik Harrison, So


12 Denzel Ward, Jr
1 Jeffrey Okudah, Fr
21 Marcus Williamson, Fr

We know Denzel Ward is in the rotation. I don’t expect a freshman to be in the ORs, but Kerry Coombs is hoping to get them some snaps.


3 Damon Arnette, rSo OR
8 Kendall Sheffield, rSo
24 Shaun Wade, Fr

Damon Arentte has already been announced as a starter. The talk previously was that the Buckeyes had three guys for a rotation, so there should be an OR above Sheffield’s name wherever it appears.

Free Safety

7 Damon Webb, Sr
23 Jahsen Wint, rFr

Greg Schiano didn’t give an answer when asked who would be behind Damon Webb, but don’t be surprised if the real answer is Jordan Fuller.

Strong Safety

34 Erick Smith, Sr OR
4 Jordan Fuller, So

Why would this finally be settled now? May as well let Indiana find out when everyone else does.

Place Kicker

96 Sean Nuernberger, rJr
95 Blake Haubeil, Fr

You could see Blake Haubeil as a kickoff guy.


91 Drue Chrisman, rFr

Long Snapper

49 Liam McCullough, rSo

Kick Returner

21 Parris Campbell, rJr

Punt Returner

30 Demario McCall, So OR
14 K.J. Hill, rSo

K.J. Hill has the best hands among the punt returners. He and Demario McCall have received the most mention when the punt return subject comes up. Kendall Sheffield’s name doesn’t come up as much as it used to, which makes me wonder if there were ball-handling concerns.

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  1. If J. Jones goes down at L.T. don’t look for Alabi to replace him. Munford will slide over to L.T. & replace Jones. Munford is a FOOTBALL PLAYER!!. Fuller will be starting at one of the safeties, much better thenWebb or Smith. Tony, where did Stump transfer to? Thanking you in advance ED.

    1. How is Fuller better than Webb when he hasn’t even started a game or played during any crucial moments?

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