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Sons of Schmidt Podcast — Episode 11: Rutgers Week

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College football began at the State University of New Jersey. On that cold November day in 1869, Rutgers defeated Princeton 6-4 in what I am sure was a barn burner. Since then? It’s mostly been all downhill for the Scarlet Knights.

However, when you are among the top teams in the Big Ten, and you have things you need to work on within your own team, Rutgers is exactly what you want to see next on the schedule.  This week, The Sons of Schmidt prepare you for Ohio State’s matchup with Rutgers. This is Season 2, Episode 11 of The Sons of Schmidt Podcast.

Mike and Brandon are once again joined be Michael Citro. The three Sons take a look at the positives and negatives to come out of the UNLV game, and Ohio State’s nice win over the Rebels.

The SoSers recap the UNLV game, along with both the good and bad to come out of it. There were a lot of new names and faces to see the field this week, along with a lot of things that needed to be worked on. We saw improvement on offense. We saw improvement on defense. We also saw things that clearly need to be addressed. How does Ohio State solidify the pass defense? What has to happen to get a steady receiving corps of Mack, Hill, and Campbell on the field at the same time?

And, thanks to the overwhelming response from last week, all three guys take their turns on the Son of a Schmidt! segment to end the show.

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0:50 – The Opening

4:06 – 1st Quarter – Recapping the UNLV Game

18:04 – 2nd Quarter – The Kevin Wilson Offensive Experience

32:54 – 3rd Quarter – The Silver Bullets

49:13 – 4th Quarter – UNLV Prediction time!

58:22 – Overtime – Son of a SCHMIDT!