Two-Minute Drill: Postgame Reaction from Ohio State’s 31-16 Loss to Oklahoma

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Urban Meyer, Kevin Wilson, Greg Schiano, and several Buckeye players spoke with the media following Ohio State’s disappointing 31-16 loss at home to the Oklahoma Sooners. Here are the “highlights”.

Urban Meyer Updates

+ “It was awful.”

+ Baker Mayfield was dynamic. The defense hung in there.

+ Meyer said he had some ideas about the problems with the passing game, but he’s not going to share it with the media.

+ J.T. Barrett is the starting quarterback and a lot of the struggles are on him, but “I’m never gonna point the finger at the quarterback.”

+ All three phases of the passing game need to improve — passing, blocking, catching.

+ OU basically dropped into coverage all game long, which made it difficult to throw the ball.

+ He was not happy with the way the offensive playcalling went. “Just not getting into a flow.”

+ Meyer will not consider a quarterback change.

+ “Let me watch the film first” before putting too much blame on any one area.

+ “Let me just digest it. I feel the pressure.” “We’ve got to get the damn thing fixed.”

Greg Schiano Updates

+ “We played a good football team.”

+ The problems tonight in the secondary were different than the problems last week. It wasn’t coverage this week it was mistakes, and that’s the fault of the coaches.

+ There were different reasons that the offense was having so much success, but there’s never any reason to have guys that wide open.

+ “We have to evaluate everything.”

+ “You look in the mirror first.”

Kevin Wilson Updates

+ Disappointed and there is work to do. Protection, spacing, and timing were all issues. Credit Oklahoma. Everything can be improved.

+ “Just out of rhythm.” Even when they tried to go fast there just wasn’t a lot to it. “Tonight we were very disjointed.”

+ OSU made some adjustments at halftime, but so did OU. The Sooners made some adjustments in the red zone and Wilson made some bad calls inside the 10-yard line. “They kind of got us off guard today.”

+ It’s on him to make adjustments with the offense. They found some things in the second half to equate the box, but it didn’t last.

+ They need to put J.T. Barrett in better situations. This was Oklahoma’s opening game, basically. They had a lot of time to prepare for J.T. Barrett.

+ The adjustments won’t need to be radical. They need to protect better and equate the numbers better from a formation standpoint. They need to fix some spacing and find a rhythm. “J.T. Barrett is a really good quarterback when the surrounding parts are there.”

+ J.T. Barrett will have a great week of practice. The whole team will.

+ “I think we have a good handle on our personnel.”

+ We’ve got to play faster.

+ “Those other quarterbacks are very talented, but (J.T. Barrett) is our guy.”

+ “We got schemed up well.”

+ The tailback needs to be the featured runner, but Oklahoma was making him keep the ball on the read game. He needs to be a complement, not the featured guy.

J.T. Barrett Updates

+ The offense didn’t finish or play their best.

+ He missed some throws, like the pass in the corner of the end zone to K.J. Hill. Not by a lot, but by a little.

+ We’ll grow from this and not point fingers.

+ Oklahoma played a lot of zone coverage.

+ He can’t be late against zone and you have to trust your throws. He did neither.

+ On Meyer saying he wouldn’t consider a quarterback change: “He’s confident in me.” Barrett said he’s been here before, citing the 2014 Virginia Tech game.

Chris Worley Updates

+ Oklahoma didn’t do anything on offense that they weren’t expecting.

+ This is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

+ On Oklahoma: “They made plays.”

Billy Price Updates

+ The standard at Ohio State is to win and they fell short of that tonight.

+ “You’ve got to give a lot of credit to Oklahoma.”

+ They probably could have run the tailbacks more, but that’s the coaches’ decision.

Mike Weber Updates

+ Weber was not 100%, but he wanted to help in any way he could.

+ He left the game after his second carry and limped off. He was told to expect that to happen this season.

+ He doesn’t think about losing his job to J.K. Dobbins, he only thinks about helping this team.

+ What will the running game look like with both of them when he is 100%? “We’ll look scary, actually.”

+ Meyer told the team after the game to keep their heads up.

11 Responses

  1. Ohio State got the **** beat out of them. OSU’s highly touted Defensive line is average at best. The coaching of it is at the high school level. Hubbard only bright spot. I don’t want to even start on the offensive line. Johnson & ” Stud” have to go. Meyer has handed them way to much talent to allow them to play at such a low level. Johnson is over the hill & Stud has Brain Constipation!

  2. This year very similar to a past year when we lost an early game everyone spell doom and yet we came out and played in the national championship game so even though things aren’t the best they could be I don’t want to say doom and gloom yet

  3. Where are the “in-game” adjustments??????? Not too mpressed yet by our D, they were out of position and got fooled with every screen and pa. Nobody was reading their keys at all. Offense has issues but we do have talent, reminds me of 2014… I will stay positive

  4. “The D hung in there.” No the D got its butt kicked, only one stop and that barely after a 2nd and 30. The D couldn’t even stop OK late in the 2nd half with OK only running basically power runs. It took OK two to three plays to move into OSU territory for which the most part, they spent the entire night. We OSU fans were sold a bill of OSU hype. Not sure what to expect, especially if Urban believes that JTB is his man, I’m looking forward to watching OSU on a December 30 game!

  5. Meyer won’t consider a QB change? REALLY?!!

    1. Yeah because he said we have to get this fixed. Thats the same thing he said after the Clemson game. I know why the offense is bad, because we have a QB that cant throw. But what scares me is how bad this defense is.

  6. Prince does not appear to have improved from last season

  7. Meyer has nothing.
    It was a great idea to give the team the weekend off.
    They missed Luke.
    Bosa and the rest of the line would have done a lot better if they played Fickle style.
    How’s in particular should not talk shot about a coach who sent his brother as high first round pick.
    The DL is not The best in the country or even close.
    The DBs are badly coached.
    The LB play was embarrassing.
    Oklahoma did not do anything they hadn’t seen before! Really? It explains why they had anyone wide open. Not once.
    Change the QB Now or Lose the team.
    Anybody seen Paris?
    Crossing routes? Really that’s all they had?
    Crash course in play calling. They won’t learn anything from it either.
    Barrett has lost all confidence. Will not recover.
    Hype hype hype…empty.
    This team will fall apart.
    I am not sure they will make a bowl game this year.

  8. Also- it’s very magnanimous of Meyer to clarify he won’t consider a QB change. He may want to consider a philosophical change, however- and by “may” I mean “must”. For example, how about letting the running backs run? What a concept. How about utilizing even a basic pass package with short crosses, slants, and screens- worked ok for OU tonight. Look in the mirror Coach.

  9. For those of you who haven’t caught on, this a head coach issue rather than a coordinator issue. Coach Meyer’s teams for YEARS have shown lack of interest in establishing even a basic passing game, and have routinely eschewed powerful backs (Carlos Hyde) for more fragile runners who aren’t as effective. The one thing OSU could actually do tonight was tough runs with the actual running backs, and it was the first thing they abandoned when making progress- again (and again, and again).

  10. So Wilson is admitting he made mistakes. I respect him for that. Buy golly-gee. These guys are making A LOT of money. I don’t know about you guys, but in my profession, the top firms make the most money because they DONT make mistakes. They are prepared, they are organized, they kick ass because they plan for EVERYTHING. We haven’t done that for a number of years now…

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