Live Updates Urban Meyer Call-In Show Oct 12, 2017

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It’s Thursday, which means that Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer takes part in his weekly call-in on the Ohio State IMG Radio Network. We will provide live updates on everything that Meyer has to say once the show gets going shortly after noon. Refresh for updates.

+ “We’ll see how they handle our D-line.” This will come down to how OSU covers the Nebraska receivers because they will have to take some shots over the top.

+ Nebraska is really fast at wide receiver and they have dynamic returners. The matchup with the offensive line has to be won by the OSU defensive line.

+ Meyer has been to Nebraska twice and been blown out twice.

+ Asked about the delay of game on kickoff, Meyer said, “Let’s talk about the D-line.”

+ Dante Booker is a pleaser. Meyer is a fan.

+ If you want to have a good day, just go walk by the defensive line and chat with them.

+ Feeling very good about the defensive line and now Dre’Mont Jones and Mike Hill are back now. Hill has handled his situation very well. “I really appreciate” how he has handled it.

+ The offensive line needs to get tougher, and they are. “Every program that wins is an offensive line-driven program.” Same with the defensive line. When OSU won the B1G in 2014, it wasn’t Zeke that did it, it was the offensive line.

+ Road night games means players don’t get home until 5 in the morning and then they’re back at it on Sunday. It’s too much. “You don’t get those hours back.” Two games is fine, but four is pushing it.

+ Wyatt Davis needs to contribute on special teams first before seeing the field on offense.

+ “This (2017) class is outstanding.” He has received many comments from people around campus about how nice the freshmen are. Shaun Wade is going to be good as well, he’s just been limited by injury.

+ Jeff Okudah is gonna be a good one. Kendall Sheffield has been taught much different things than what he is learning now. Everything that Kerry Coombs has done is now testimony. It is not theory. It’s teaching the technique that they use and making it second nature.

+ Damon Webb is the most consistent player in the secondary. The pass defense has been playing well, but they are realistic regarding the pass offenses they have faced lately. This week is a better test.

+ OSU is very in favor of rules designed to protect players. They have sent tapes to local grade schools on rugby tackling techniques. The rules on targeting are very clear and should be enforced, but they have to be enforced correctly. Replay officials have to do a better job in situations like Denzel Ward’s.

+ Nebraska’s defense is an old-fashioned, old-school 3-4 defense. They drop back in coverage and try to eliminate big plays. They keep the ball in front of them and try to come up and “hit ya.” “They try to beat you with technique.” It is not an easy defense to prepare for.

+ Chris Worley is back. He’s a leader and coach on the field. “It’s great to have him back.”

+ Jerome Baker is just a fast athlete. “He’s been a little bit to me average.” There is good momentum with him now.

+ Demario McCall has done everything they’ve asked. They will have to make a decision on him soon because they still have a redshirt available for him, so if he’s not full speed they’ll shut him down.

+ Mike Weber has momentum, “but he’s still not the Mike Weber that I thought he would be.” They are challenging him this week. They want more carries for him, but the games have gotten out of hand so quickly that there is no point in playing him.

+ Marcus Baugh has momentum in his life and football now and football usually picks up when momentum in life does as well. He realizes his days as a Buckeye are running out as a fifth-year senior.

+ Binjimen Victor’s size makes him difficult to manage for a defense. He can handle those “top-shelf throws” in the red zone. “I keep telling people what you’re seeing now is not even close to what he is going to become.”

+ The ability of the quarterback to run the ball is important for this offense. “That’s why the Tom Bradys are so rare. It’s so hard to be a stationary target. It’s just too hard. That’s our philosophy and it’s not going to change.” J.T. Barrett is as good as Meyer has ever had in knowing when to tuck and run. “It’s very important to stay on schedule.”

+ Asked about the worst weather conditions he’s ever coached in, he said the 2014 game at Minnesota was awful, but the worst was at BYU in 2004 to win the conference title. They won 3-0. Alex Smith ran the ball 35 times. “But Minnesota was awful.”

+ Every day is special teams day, especially after last week. They have put too much pressure on the kicker this season so there will be some adjustments made. The players are working their tails off, so they have to make some coaching adjustments.

+ The OSU defense dominated last week. The points came from a kickoff return and a fumble by the offense. The defense should be rewarded, not penalized by giving up “stupid points.”

+ Chase Young is certainly a productive guy. Meyer stays out of the defensive line’s way because Larry Johnson and his players have got something special going.

+ Branden Bowen had a rod put in his leg. Bowen and his mom stopped by to see Meyer and they are both doing well. He’s doing well academically.

+ There has been some great energy on the offensive line this week with a battle for right guard under way.

+ Bowen was also the third tackle, which means that duty now falls on true freshman Thayer Munford.

+ There has been two or three years here with lean offensive line play in terms of depth. It’s a constant battle to be deep everywhere on the field, and that gets difficult with guys leaving early for the NFL.

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  1. How did we get so thin at OT? How many Gs could we move to tackle this year? How many tackles do you think OSU will offer scholarships to this year?

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