Five Predictions for Ohio State at Nebraska

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I don’t like to talk about how accurate I am when I make predictions, but I don’t really have a lot of choice.

I really can’t talk about my predictions without talking about how often I get them correct. I would love to talk about the ones that I get wrong, but it would be a very short conversation.

Despite this, I remain very humble. I have been told by many, many people that my humility is arguably my best quality. I don’t know how I feel about this because I think I have a lot of qualities. One of my other best qualities is that I don’t like to argue with people. So if they say I’m more humble than anybody they know, who am I to argue?

If you think about it, the only reason humility exists in the prediction business is because I keep it there. I’ve never seen humility like my own, which is saying a lot because I don’t need to be humble. I choose to be humble because I like to be challenged, and obviously predicting doesn’t give me much of a challenge.

It’s pretty amazing when the biggest challenge I have in life is remaining humble. But don’t they always say that the greats only compete against themselves?

Not many people can remain humble when they have posters of themselves on the wall, but not many people are me. This world would be a lot better place if there were more of me. It would ooze humility.

Alas, only I can be me.

So how did I do last week? Probably very good.

1. Mike Weber will rush for a season-high yardage total.

Outcome: Nailed it. Mike Weber rushed for 59 yards, which was 15 yards more than his previous high.

2. J.T. Barrett will throw for 300 yards.

Outcome: Failed it. J.T. Barrett only threw for 261 yards because Maryland wasn’t good enough to keep him in the game longer.

3. Maryland will have a rush of 25 yards or more.

Outcome: Nailed it. Running back Ty Johnson had a 35-yard run. In his 11 other carries, however, he managed just 22 yards.

4. Ohio State will have at least eight tackles for loss.

Outcome: Nailed it. The Buckeyes finished with 12 tackles for loss, which was a season high against P5 opponents this season.

5. A Buckeye will have a rush of 40 yards or more.

Outcome: Failed it. Mike Weber did have a 53-yard reception though, so I nailed it in spirit.

Season Total: 19 of 30 correct (63.3%).

That was last week. It is in the past. Now let’s look to the present by predicting the future.

1. The Buckeyes will rush for at least 202 yards.

In four of Nebraska’s six games this season, they have held their opponents under 100 yards rushing. In losses to Oregon and Wisconsin, however, they have allowed 201 and 353 yards rushing, respectively. I don’t expect the Buckeyes to top Wisconsin’s number, but they should be able to better what the Ducks did.

2. A linebacker will have an interception.

Maybe Jerome Baker is starting to find a groove, and when he is in the groove, he is around the football. I see Nebraska quarterback Tanner Lee running for his life quite a bit in this game, and trying to fit the football where it will not go. I don’t know if it will be Baker who picks Lee off, but there will be opportunities for each of the Buckeye linebackers in this game.

3. Nick Bosa and Sam Hubbard will combine for at least 3.0 tackles for loss.

Nick Bosa has had at least one tackle for loss in every game this season, but Sam Hubbard has only had two in his last four games. I expect both of them to play more than they have in any of the last three games, which means they should both have some numbers to show for their efforts.

4. Chase Young or Jonathon Cooper will have a sack.

Freshman defensive end Chase Young and sophomore defensive end Jonathon Cooper have two career sacks between them. Young notched his first sack last week against Maryland, while Cooper’s first sack came last year — also against Maryland. Because of the blowouts — and because he’s pretty good — Young has played more snaps the last three weeks than any other Buckeye defensive end. Tanner Lee is a guy who will stand in the pocket and look for receivers. If the Buckeyes get up big and the Huskers are forced to throw the ball, this could get interesting. (This is a Stupid Tony prediction, if you were wondering.)

5. Ohio State will have more interception return yards than punt return yards allowed.

Heck, the Buckeyes may have more interception return yards than punt return yards as well, but I’m just sticking with Nebraska’s punt return yards for now. They have one of the most dangerous punt return men in the conference in De’Mornay Pierson-El. Currently, however, the Buckeyes are the only team in the nation who has yet to allow a punt return. Husker opponents are averaging nearly 53 yards of interception returns per game, in case you were wondering.

3 Responses

  1. Not sure any of those were bold enough to make the “mark it down list” fwiw….

  2. Not sure any of those are bold enoigh for the “mark it down list fwiw”

  3. Bucks get 250+ rush yards.
    2 LBs get INTs because Tanner Lee will be harangued more than he has been to date this year.
    You’re going on a limb on the punt return yards. Pierson-El doesn’t like to fair catch. This game it will either get him killed, get a penalty on the Bucks for interference, or result in PR yards. IF the Silver Bullets get at least 2 picks then I’ll agree with you. Otherwise I’ll hold off on that bet.

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