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It’s a Holiday week, so we wanted to get this episode out earlier than normal. It’s also Thanksgiving week, and we know you’ll be kind of nappy on Thursday, so there was no point in holding this one back.

The topic doesn’t stray too far from the Michigan game, but the show does start on a somber note due to the passing of former Buckeye All-American Terry Glenn.

The Rundown

01:00 – Terry Glenn’s passing.

08:00 – Michigan Week

10:00 – Does The Game mean more to Ohio players?

13:45 – Urban Meyer and his antsy Monday press conference.

18:00 – Health updates, including UM QB Brandon Peters.

22:00 – How is Michigan going to score if Peters is out?

22:30 – 1990s PTSD.

27:00 – OSU Health updates.

28:30 – Michigan’s offense has struggled for many reasons.

36:00 – The background on the refs this week.

37:00 – Ohio State’s offense should be effective this week.

37:45 – Mike Weber going back home.

39:00 – The Buckeye running game matches up well against Michigan.

42:00 – The OSU passing game will have opportunities.

45:00 – Ohio State should have the depth advantage in the second half.

50:00 – The Michigan defense is going to make some plays.

51:45 – How many points do the Wolverines have in them Saturday?

53:00 – Michigan hasn’t beaten anybody yet this year. Can they?

54:00 – This was a very down year for the Wolverines.

58:00 – What separates these two teams?

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