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Two-Minute Drill: Jim Harbaugh Nov. 21 B1G Teleconference

Jim Harbaugh


Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh spoke on Tuesday’s Big Ten coaches teleconference. He provided some updates on his football team — including the health of starting quarterback Brandon Peters, and he also looked ahead to Saturday’s matchup against the Ohio State Buckeyes. Here are the highlights.

+ Regarding the recruiting battles with Ohio State, Urban Meyer called it “ridiculous pressure.” Harbaugh said he didn’t have one or two words to describe it. There is good football in Ohio and “they’re well trained.” They want the best student athletes and best football players to come to Michigan, but it’s a “free-will description.” “I was born in Ohio and like Ohio.”

+ The OSU offense is very good at all phases. They are good at big plays and protecting J.T. Barrett. “All facets are good. Experienced. Good schemes and players.”

+ Against a balanced offense, you have to have a balanced attack on defense.

+ On Billy Price, he has come in and done a really fine job. He’s precise in the way he plays and runs the offensive line. “It’s very impressive.”

+ How long does it take for out-of-state players to get the rivalry? “I think the more they’re in it, the more they get it.” You can be around it and not played in it yet, but the more experience you have with it, the more you understand the excitement and intensity of it. “How important it is, how immense the stage is. You come to embrace that.” Even after players are done playing, it still grows even more after they play.

+ Defensive tackle Maurice Hurst brings intensity to every play. He’s talented, but he’s got an intensity and motor about him. “He’s really refined his technique, his fundamentals. I think he’s even growing into his own style of play. He’s very good. Very disruptive. To have the size he does and the initial quickness, he has all of those things. He’s really a great example of somebody who’s developed into a valuable, valuable member of our team.”

+ Every week they prepare multiple quarterbacks for the game. John O’Korn is the only healthy and fully-practicing quarterback of the three who have started this year. It doesn’t make things more difficult, but they’ve had some practice at it this year unfortunately. They always prepare more than one quarterback for each game.


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  1. “I was born in Ohio and like Ohio”. I appreciate that but it doesn’t change the fact he’s a traitor. I wish we could tar and feather him after kicking his @ss.

    Screw the Blue!!

    1. The man makes little sense. I just don’t get him.

  2. That’s probably the only redeeming quality of Jim Harbaugh. He completely understands and has lived the rivalry as a player and coach. Unlike some coaches who probably didn’t.

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