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Football Hayes & Cannon The Rivalry

Statistical Projection: Ohio State at Michigan

Just last year, for instance, Michigan was the betting favorite and came into the contest with the best statistical defense in the nation. That is, until Urban Meyer looked like Red Beaulieu with a stolen playbook. Jim Harbaugh and Don Brown (collective Coach Kleins in this Waterboy comparison) had no answer for a Buckeye team that put up 62 points and won by 23.

Jim Harbaugh Michigan Head Coach

Approach to Mental Health Another Area Where Ohio State and Michigan Are Far Apart

He doesn’t want to see the NCAA duped by players lying about mental health, but is it worth being right about one liar if you’re wrong about somebody telling the truth? Is this a mistake people are willing to make just so they don’t let one player get over on them? And does this help anybody in Michigan’s program who is dealing with his own mental…