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Two-Minute Drill: Jim Harbaugh, Players Talk 56-27 Loss to Ohio State

Michigan football head coach Jim Harbaugh

ANN ARBOR- Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh met with the media following the Wolverines’ 56-27 loss to Ohio State.

Sophomore running back Hassan Haskins, senior quarterback Shea Patterson, senior tight end Sean McKeon, sophomore defensive lineman Aidan Hutchinson, and graduate senior linebacker Jordan Glasgow also answered questions from reporters.

Here’s a summary of what was said.

Jim Harbaugh

+ They made mistakes, dropped coverages, and left guys open. He thought the first half was played pretty tight but they were in the red-zone and came out with no points and extended Ohio State’s drives and took some points off themselves. In the second half Ohio State drove the football and Michigan wasn’t able to move the ball in the passing game and sustain the drives.

+ “We didn’t pressure them and they played really well.”

+ Using the wildcat adds another blocker to the running play. It can be very effective and it worked.

+ On J.K. Dobbins, “He’s a really good back for one, got tremendous ability, very fast, and we made some mistakes in the defense.”

+ Harbaugh was asked about the biggest difference between the two teams and said that he would answer questions and not insults. But he said Ohio State played better today.

+ They will regroup and get ready to play their next game.

+ He thought the team was well prepared, played good football, it was a good football fight, but it got away from them.

+ Harbaugh was asked his emotions on not being able to get a win against Ohio State and talked about the team. When asked again on how bad he wants to win this game he said yes he wants to win this game really bad.

Shea Patterson

+ There wasn’t a lot of talking after the game. Coach Harbaugh just told them to get ready for the bowl game.

+They knew they were going to have to put up points and score a couple of touchdowns. The turnovers and fumbles hurt. They game planned all week and tried to execute.

+ It is very frustrating losing to Ohio State again. Everything they do leading up to this game is to prepare for Ohio State. It was an emotional game.

+ It has been a dream come true to play football at the University of Michigan. He wouldn’t want to go to war with anyone else. He will cherish putting on the Maize and Blue forever.

+ He believes talent-wise they matched up with Ohio State. In the second half they let the game get away from them. The first half they came out firm offensively.

+ He loves his teammates, coaches, and the university.

Hassan Haskins

+ They just have to do their jobs. They had a good game plan they just didn’t make the plays.

+ On the 4th & 1, Hassan just said he didn’t make the play.

+ They knew coming in Ohio State had a good defensive line that would challenge him.

Sean McKeon

+ They had some drops in the third quarter and couldn’t get the offense going and get in a rhythm.

+ No one is happy, it’s definitely frustrating especially for the seniors. It’s the same thing every year and it gets old. They have to play better against them.

+ He thought they played well in the first half and made plays. They just have to find away to get ahead and play with a lead so they don’t have to throw the ball every play because it limits their offense.

+ They have to have every guy on the field do his job on that play. Ohio State did that better.

+ Getting stopped on 4th & 1 sucked. He’s not sure what happened there.

+ He said that Ohio State is not an NFL team, they’re just a team. They made more deep shots and converted on those and that deflated the defense.

+ Last four years have been the best four years of his life. The seniors gave their all to this team. He’s looking forward to doing it one more time in their next game.

Aidan Hutchinson

+ He doesn’t think they executed well. It was nothing they haven’t seen before or didn’t expect.

+ J.K. Dobbins is a really good running back, probably the best they’ve played all year. Congrats to him.

+ They didn’t see this coming.

+ They have to dig down next year. “But you’re not going to win ball games when you give up 50 and 60 points so we have to be better.”

+ They felt they made adjustments defensively from last year but didn’t execute. They knew everything they saw they just have to be better.

+ Coach Brown’s defense it to just attack and attack and attack. That was their scheme coming in.

+ The stat sheet is hard to look at. They are a better team and defense than this. They are a lot better than the numbers on the sheet.

Jordan Glasgow

+ He doesn’t feel like there’s a mental aspect involved in this game because of Ohio State’s win streak. Execution played the biggest role.

+ They’ve been a great run defense and the fact that Ohio State was able to gain so much on the ground was surprising.

+ Ohio State is a very talented team. But they are just as talented and Ohio State just made a few more plays. They should have been right there.

+ There’s nothing positive to take out of it right now. Only that they are going to get better and improve. Nobody is happy and nobody is looking forward to getting into this film. But he said everyone should be anxious to correct the mistakes made.

You can watch the full videos below.

Jim Harbaugh

Hassan Haskins and Shea Patterson

Sean McKeon

Aidan Hutchinson

Jordan Glasgow

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  1. The “Michigan Men” that untied JK’s shoes, are the future Al Bundy’s as shoe salesmen.

  2. JK is a great running back but the O-line was awesome. Teams with equal talent don’t get beat by 20+ points.

  3. Still a whole lot of delusion up there.

  4. So my only question is will Michigan play Appalachian State on a neutral field for a bowl game?

  5. So, Michigan’s defense against J. K.’s runs is to untie his shoelaces. What a bush league move. Of course, it did give us some free yards. So, not all bad.

    1. I thought you are supposed to tie the laces of both shoes together so that he wouldn’t be able to walk.

  6. You know your sunglasses must be expensive when you gotta sport them on a cloudy day…..kinda like driving with your convertible top down in 40 degrees…….horsefluffer. lol. Go Bucks!

  7. it’s obvious that several players are delusional about thinking that they are equal to Ohio State and abilities and everything else.

    1. Delusional……………GREAT description! GO BUCKS!

    2. I was thinking the same damn thing. They didn’t execute is there only excuses. They got there ass kicked again period.

  8. MI was a one dimensional team from the get go. OSU established both the run and the pass from the first quarter on. Once OSU pressured Patterson in the 2nd, their O went for the most part went belly up. OSU showed what a balance O looks like with nearly identical 300 yards passing and rushing, give or take a few yards. Harbaugh looks lost.

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