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Two-Minute Drill: Postgame Updates from OSU’s 31-20 Win at Michigan

Urban Meyer


ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Ohio State defeated Michigan 31-20 in Michigan Stadium Saturday afternoon in a game that gave hope to Michigan fans and also ripped that hope right out of their still beating hearts.

After the game, Buckeye head coach Urban Meyer and a number of players spoke with the media. Meyer had plenty to say.

Urban Meyer

+ Meyer started out by saying that J.T. Barrett was hurt before the Ohio State offense took the field because he got clipped by a camera man. Meyer said he was upset at himself for letting it happen.

+ The Buckeyes ran the ball well. “That’s a hell of a day against that defense.”

+ This was not a slow start for the offense, it was a battle against a very good defense. Give Michigan credit. “We’re playing our balls off.”

+ Ryan Day studied Michigan very well and called a good game.

+ Meyer had no idea about Barrett’s status for Wisconsin. “Imagine someone on your fricking sideline…” There will be an “all-out investigation.”

+ The offense changed early when Barrett was hurt. “We didn’t want to put him in harm’s way.”

+ Austin Mack’s 27-yard catch on third-and-long was a phenomenal play.

+ Dwayne Haskins took care of the ball.

+ He expected this kind of game from guys like Sam Hubbard and Denzel Ward.

+ On Mike Weber’s game-sealing touchdown run: “Yeah, it was great.” He is a grown man now.

+ On J.T. Barrett: “He’s one of the toughest guys I’ve ever been around.”

Austin Mack

+ On his reception: “We needed a big play.”

+ Mack had no idea Barrett had been injured early on.

+ He had complete confidence in Haskins, who is his roommate.

+ Haskins is a pro. He prepared all week to play.

Dwayne Haskins

+ Wasn’t nervous at all.

+ “I love all of my receivers…” but he and Austin Mack have a special connection.

+ Barrett is doing much better.

+ Haskins was confused about Barrett’s situation, but he stepped up and did what he had to do for his teammates.

+ Haskins will be ready for Wisconsin if needed.

Billy Price

+ Give credit to Dwayne Haskins for preparing.

+ “I just told him to trust his offensive line.”

+ If something was bothering J.T. during the game, you couldn’t tell.

+ This win was “tough and gritty.”

+ They had to establish the run inside to get everything else to start working.

J.T. Barrett

+ “Michigan has a lot of ‘people’ on our sideline.” His knee got twisted by a camera man trying to get past him in a confined space. The camera man kept walking after injuring Barrett.

+ Barrett has been dealing with this particular knee issue since the Indiana game. Something pops out, then he has to pop it back in. He was able to fix his knee the first time, but wasn’t able to do it the second time, and that’s why he had to leave the game.

+ “This time it just didn’t unlock for me.”

+ “I’ll play next week.”

Tyquan Lewis

+ He wasn’t worried about Haskins or Barrett, he was only concerned about the defense’s next assignment.

+ “I trust whoever goes into the game.”

+ On going 5-0 against Michigan as a Buckeye: “I never lost to the team up north. That feels great to say.”

Chris Worley

+ “We came and took care of job assignment No. 1.” The Big Ten Championship is job assignment No. 2.

+ “In my mind, I wasn’t losing.” There was no concern at 14-0.

+ There are legendary Buckeyes who don’t have gold pants, so each pair is special.


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  1. Am I wrong, but for the after game interviews at other games, isn’t the back drop for the visiting team their logos? Why do we have a scum back drop for ours?

  2. If I were Joe Burrows I would transfer! He could start for a lot of teams,but it seems as though all we talk about for weeks is how good Haskins is, people forgot how well Joe played when give. A chance!!!

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