Two-Minute Drill: Urban Meyer Monday Updates Nov. 13

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COLUMBUS — Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer spoke with the media on Monday to follow up on OSU’s win over Michigan State and to also preview Saturday’s upcoming game against the Illinois Fighting Illini. Here are the highlights.

+ Meyer began the press conference for apologizing for not recognizing veterans following the Michigan State game. He said his wife reminded him after the game and he felt terrible about it.

+ Saturday was arguably Kendall Sheffield’s best game as a Buckeye.

+ Cornerback Damon Arnette is probable for this week.

+ So many receivers were recognized this week as Champions because of their run blocking.

+ This was the best game of the year for the running backs as a unit.

+ Billy Price’s record of 51 (and counting) starts at Ohio State is going to be tough to break.

+ Erick Smith was recognized for his special teams performance. He had two solo tackles on returns.

+ Meyer is fine with the targeting rule and was disappointed in Dre’Mont Jones’ late hit. He does feel like replay officials should no longer be replay officials if they get those reviews wrong, however.

+ Meyer agreed that Chris Worley looked better at outside linebacker than in the middle and they are having conversations about keeping him outside.

+ You have to sign a quarterback in a recruiting class every year. You’re setting yourself up for disaster if you do not. They always have Plans A, B, C, D, etc. It would be possible to have more than one QB in this class, but they have to at least have one. Early signing day is going to alter things as well. The guy you might have on the backburner could end up signing in December with another team.

+ There will be zero conversation about the college football playoff this week.

+ Malik Harrison will play more moving forward.

+ The offensive line has been much improved. The intensity is there, as is the work ethic.

+ Meyer has great respect for this group of redshirt seniors. A lot of them chose to stick around rather than leave early and they will be treated right. “J.T.’s a member of the Meyer family and Buckeye family for the rest of his life.”

+ Linebacker Zach Turnure has been one of the best players on special teams all year long. He has never been the problem on kick coverage. “He’s a stud. I love that kid.”

+ The Illinois defensive line is very good. They have some “big dudes” who can penetrate.

+ This is as strong a group of RBs as Meyer has had at Ohio State. “I liked the mix” of the carries last week. The running gameplan was done well last week leading up to the game.

+ The draw play that Mike Weber took for 82 yards can only work on certain looks, and Meyer believes the MSU defense being worried about crossing routes allowed that play to happen.


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  1. (SIGH)

    When will this guy EVER own up to his dum calls? The running game has been there all year, but, his head is up JT Barrett’s rear end to try to sell him to pro scouts. Sorry CEO Meyer but, pink hoof unicorns really don’t exist.

    1. Geez. OSU played a near perfect game against MSU, the running backs were used exactly as you folks wanted them to, and now you bring up some cockamamie thing about Meyer wanting to sell Barrett to pro scouts. You nattering nabobs of negativity aren’t happy unless you have something to complain about. And if there isn’t anything left to complain about, you make something up. You must be a lot of fun at parties.

        1. Yes, I have, every day. What’s your point?

          1. You just proved it. Get in line with the lemmings Walt…

    2. Dumb calls will happen, but the fact that until Saturday we hadn’t consider how teams might defend our crossing routes (that we’ve been running all year) and what it would open up in terms of the running game, is inexcusable.

      We should know what we want to do offensively and understand what it takes to counter that and then know how to adjust. EVERY GAME. It shouldn’t take 9 games of analysis and a butt kicking to figure it out.

  2. Here is one veteran who is very happy about the gift Urban and the Buckeyes gave him on Saturday. Go Bucks!
    P.S.OSU’s Buckeye Room did send a happy veterans day email to all alumni vets.

  3. Great win against MSU. Hope we can keep the energy and high level of execution going.
    Zero discussion about CFP this week – GOOD IDEA. Focus on the game on Sat.

  4. Two hands on the chest is NOT a late hit…

    1. I thought there was no way in hell that targeting flag would hold up to replay. I think if that’s a bad hit than JT has been abused when he gets pressure in the pocket. if you are going to call it tight at least make sure it goes both ways.

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