Buckeye Football Commitment Impact: Receiver Kamryn Babb

Kamryn Babb


St. Louis wide receiver Kamryn Babb committed to Ohio State on Tuesday, and when he did he finally gave the Buckeyes another outside receiving threat to join 6-foot-6 L’Christian “Blue” Smith. Babb has been OSU’s top receiver target during the 2018 recruiting cycle, so even though this was an expected commitment, it shouldn’t be ignored as far as the impact that it may have on Ohio State’s football future down the road.

Player: Kamryn Babb (Christian Brothers High School/St. Louis, Missouri)
Position: Wide Receiver
Ranking: 247Sports Composite 4-Star, No. 12 Wide Receiver, No. 65 Player Overall

Kamryn Babb (6-2 197) missed his senior season with an ACL tear, but is expected to be full go for fall camp next season for the Buckeyes. As a junior, he was a First-Team All-State selection. He was also named a 2018 Army All-American.

Babb is a very strong receiver, both upper and lower body. He may not have 4.4 speed, but he is decisive in his cuts and gets to his top speed quickly. Great vision makes him a very talented player after the catch. He routinely caught quick screens during his career and was not only able to make a defender miss, but he is also strong enough to break tackles.

As an experienced outside receiver, there will not be the same learning curve that there has been for some of OSU’s current receivers. Babb is familiar with playing against multiple coverages and attacks the football regardless of where the defender is. He is a fearless receiver over the middle and is strong enough to hold on to the football even after sizable contact.

He is fairly tall — measuring in at 6-2 at a Nike combine prior to his senior season — and may get taller. He was nearly 200 pounds before the season, which gives you an idea of his strength and the work he has already put in to be ready for college football.

The Comparison

Watching him get in and out of traffic after the catch, I am reminded of Jalin Marshall. He is bigger than Marshall, however. His size and the way he attacks the football at its highest catchable point reminds me of Evan Spencer.

Michael Thomas used to have his speed questioned as well. He was a determined after-the-catch fighter as well. Even though Babb may not be a 4.4 guy like Thomas, both guys can still go the distance on a slant pass.

The Fit

Well, any time the names Evan Spencer or Michael Thomas get mentioned, you know the fit is perfect. We will have to see what kind of blocker he is, however.

The way Ohio State is throwing more and more wide screens right now is right up Babb’s alley. He can make a catch and get hit immediately, but is still able to drive for a yard or two after contact. He’s not just a short or intermediate guy, but that might be where he fits in best at the start.

He will eventually grow into a much more explosive player, and when he does, he could line up at any of OSU’s receiver positions.

The Future

Kamryn Babb will be one of two or three outside receivers in this class, depending on whether or not somebody else follows him in. The Buckeyes signed three outside receivers in last year’s class, but it is unknown at this point if Trevon Grimes will return after missing the bulk of the season for personal reasons. The coaches obviously want him back and would welcome him back, but we’ll see what happens down the road.

Babb is a different kind of receiver than OSU’s other two committed receivers. Blue Smith is 6-foot-6, making him different than just about every other receiver in the nation. Jaelen Gill will likely be an inside receiver for the Buckeyes, so there isn’t much overlap in this class for the Buckeyes.

How quickly Babb will see the field will depend on who returns next season. The Buckeyes could return all 12 of their current receivers, or they could be replacing as many as five of them. This is a tough situation to predict, but having a prospect like Babb on hand will allow him to fill in any of the necessary gaps. And he’s good enough to make a mark if given the chance.

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