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Ramsey, New Jersey (Don Bosco Prep) defensive lineman Tyler Friday committed to Ohio State this past Friday, and in doing so helped to fill a pass-rushing need for the Buckeyes in the 2018 OSU recruiting class. He joins 4-star Cleveland defensive end Tyreke Smith and three highly-touted defensive tackles so far in OSU’s defensive line class. Friday is the 12th Ohio State commitment ranked in the 247Sports Composite Top 100.

Player: Tyler Friday (Don Bosco Prep/Ramsey, New Jersey)
Position: Defensive Line
Ranking: 247Sports Composite 4-Star; No. 4 defensive tackle; No. 86 player overall

Tyler Friday (6-3 263) could end up at either defensive end or defensive tackle for the Buckeyes, but should start outside upon his arrival because that is where the need exists at the moment for OSU. Friday played mostly defensive end in high school, doing so in both a 3-man and 4-man front. He is a stout run defender, but also a load for high school offensive linemen to handle as a pass rusher.

Friday will need to get quicker and faster to rush from the edges for the Buckeyes. Many times in high school he was just a step late in getting to the quarterback before he released the ball. That will be a constant battle, as it is for all pass rushers. The good news for Tyler Friday, however, is that he is well on his way to being powerful run stopper on the outside.

The Comparison

When it comes to a comparison to a past Buckeye for Tyler Friday, you may have to start with a ‘tweener like former defensive tackle Michael Bennett. Bennett was the No. 6 defensive tackle in the 2011 class, but he was a little heavier than Friday. What makes the comparison somewhat apt is that Bennett spent time at defensive end early in his OSU career before outgrowing the position. That could be Friday’s future as well. It’s a lofty comparison, but Friday’s ‘tweener status makes comparisons a little more difficult. Bennett was a tremendous penetrator both inside and out, and if Friday could have a start like Bennett, the Buckeyes would be thrilled.

The Fit

Tyler Friday fits well because he is a strong run-stopping defensive end with experience working against interior offensive linemen as a 3-4 defensive end. He can get upfield quickly and blow up a stretch run or a toss run play. Friday could eventually be a three-down lineman by sliding inside on passing downs and be fairly comfortable doing it. His highlights show a defender who doesn’t slow down as the game wears on, but highlights wouldn’t show that anyway. He will have to become more explosive as a pass rusher, but that’s what Mickey Marotti and Larry Johnson are for.

The Future

The Buckeyes return three defensive ends in Nick Bosa, Jonathon Cooper, and Chase Young, and Bosa will likely be leaving after the 2018 season, so adding defensive ends in this recruiting cycle is vital. Ohio State is currently hosting 4-star outside linebacker Javontae Jean-Baptiste on an official visit, and if he commits to the Buckeyes, he could be projected as a defensive end as well. There won’t be a significant need for another defensive end on the field in 2018 with the three players mentioned above and incoming freshman Tyreke Smith, but Friday could certainly challenge for a spot in the two-deep, or possibly even the rotation. Any playing time in 2018 would be a welcome head start on the 2019 season when the Buckeyes will have to replace Nick Bosa and defensive tackle Dre’Mont Jones. Given Friday’s ‘tweeter status, he could be involved in either one of those eventual scenarios.

Tyler Friday Highlights

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  1. Physically strong against HS talent. That doesn’t always translate to being physically strong against the more experienced collegiate offensive linemen. But the base skills are there. I haven’t found any full games to download from him but he has a good motor from the highlights. Good motor means he starts and finished plays without gearing down during live plays. Against HS talent he’s able to shed blocks pretty easily, so we know he’s strong. Once Mick and Larry Johnson work with him some his strength will improve and his hands techniques will develop hom into a load against any level of offensive linemen. If he’s patient in developing the comparisons to Michael Bennett are legit.

    1. Don’t worry, Coach Mariotti will take care of the strength end of his development! He’s done so well with so many others. He won’t fail with Tyler either!

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