‘Would Mean Everything’ to Dwayne Haskins to Start in 2018

Dwayne Haskins Ohio State Football Buckeyes


It has been two weeks since the J.T. Barrett Era came to a close at Ohio State, which means we are now two weeks into a new era of Buckeye quarterbacks.

The era is still shrouded in some mystery, however, because the competition likely won’t be completely over until sometime in September.

The veteran of the group is Joe Burrow, entering his fourth year at Ohio State. He will be graduating after spring camp. The young upstart is Tate Martell, who spent his time in 2017 earning respect on the scout team. The man with the momentum, however, is Dwayne Haskins, who came to the rescue this season at Michigan as a redshirt freshman.

Haskins completed 6-of-7 passes for 94 yards in leading the Buckeyes to a come-from-behind win in the Big House. It was a pressure-packed moment, but Haskins was able to take it in stride.

“The poise that I had to come in there like that, I wasn’t expecting to get in that game,” he said recently. “Having to do what I had to do to get the win and help the team out, I thought it was pretty mature for me to go do that.”

There are few better ways to showcase maturity for a quarterback than to come into a game trailing in the second half against your rival and lead the offense to four scoring opportunities on all four drives. But that is exactly what Dwayne Haskins did. Nerves never got to him, and when it comes to playing in the games, they have yet to impact his performance.

There are times when he does get nervous, however.

“Maybe in practice when coach Meyer and coach Day are down my neck, but in the game, you’ve got to just go out there and play,” he said. “Can’t worry about what the coaches say. I don’t really tend to get too nervous. Coaches, players rely on you to see your demeanor, see your energy. If you look nervous, then they’ll play nervous. So you’ve just got to be confident.”

Haskins displayed that confidence against Michigan, and his teammates know now that he is plenty capable of leading this offense moving forward.

Haskins is also very confident in his teammates and likes the possibilities of what the 2018 OSU offense could do.

“Mostly everybody’s coming back, so just another year of maturity, another year of working out in the season and offseason, I think we’ll be really good if we can get that camaraderie together,” he said.

As we have seen throughout Urban Meyer’s tenure, the offense will go as far as the quarterback can take it. Haskins wants that opportunity, and knows the weight that the responsibility would carry.

“It would mean everything to me,” he said. “I just want to go get it.”


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  1. Good job by Haskins bringing us back in the Michigan game. He was the spark that was needed at that moment with the support of a great offensive line. It’s not for him to pat himself on the back too hard about his poise and maturity as that’s for others but praising others like the offensive line and defense is always appropriate. It’s good that it would mean everything to take over as starter and I know he’ll work hard to earn that job and no doubt Burrow and Martell feel the same way. It’s hard enough when there are two special QBs to choose between but three? I just hope we can get the best one on the field. I hate leaving any of them standing on the sideline.

  2. Okay, I was just wondering! Anyway, I enjoy what you do with the time you have! Best to you in the new year!

  3. Wouldn’t it mean everything to Joe Burrow as well?? How about Tate Martell? I know the incoming Freshman QB is just happy being there and learning from each of these present QB’s. Are you doing your best to already picking a starting QB for the Buckeyes? NOT RIGHT FOR YOU TO DO THAT UNLESS YOU GIVE A FOLLOW UP ON THE OTHER TWO QB’S LISTED HERE AS WELL!

        1. Sorry, but I must have missed those articles! But why at this time for Dewayne? Will you follow up with a similar article for each of the other two about how it would be special for Joe and one for Tate as well? Look, you guys do a great job of reporting for the Buckeyes and I will continue reading what you write. If you are offended by my comment, please accept my apology! One more question, again not being sarcastic or mean, but why don’t you cover the Buckeye Women’s Basketball team like you do for the Men’s team. Since several others like myself who live too far away and are unable to attend the games. Whenever you have a series of photos, it would be beneficial for me and other who also live far away from Columbus, if the players were identified. I can’t put names with faces as I do not know them. Is that possible? If not, no problem. Even though I am a graduate of BGSU, 4 year baseball letter winner, I am a far away Buckeye fan who was born and raised in Ohio and was a football coach in Logan County a couple years as well as coaching both basketball and football in Wauseon before moving to Florida. SO I SAY, GO BUCKS AS WELL AS FALCONS AND FSU SEMINOLES!! Have a great 2018!

          1. Why at this time for Dwayne? No reason. We’ve got a bunch of stories that we’ll be putting out, but they take time to write. I don’t see the timing as being sinister. I don’t know what the inference is by the timing. Why don’t we cover WBB like we do MBB? Because of supply and (lack of) demand. And because there are only so many hours in the day. It is certainly possible to put names to the photos. Thanks.

            1. I’m grateful that covering WBB isn’t a focus here. If I need that I can visit the official OSU athletics website or one devoted to women’s athletics, thank you, most humbly.

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