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Accost the Field — Episode 33: Talking Ohio State Defensive Line

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In this very special Friday edition of Accost the Field, we discuss the Ohio State defensive line situation heading into spring football and beyond. This is the sixth position-specific episode so far, as we have already handled the defensive backs, the running backsthe receiversthe linebackers, and the quarterbacks.

The topics discussed include whether this group can live up to the 2017 standard; who will be missed most; is it unrealistic to expect a Nick Bosa-type of season from Chase Young; what should be expected of Antwuan Jackson; and much, much, much more. The show then concludes with a discussion on Ohio State’s Front Four Mt. Rushmore.

The Rundown

+ Uncomfortable banter.

+ Introduction to the defensive ends — only three return, but most teams in the nation would be cool with these three.

+ Defensive tackle overview — there’s a bunch of guys here.

+ Will a perceived lack of depth at DE be a factor this year?

+ Could a linebacker move down or a tackle move outside?

+ Will there be a step back for this defensive line compared to last year?

+ The defensive tackles should be better this year, right?

+ More snaps for Nick Bosa is a good thing.

+ Is it unrealistic to expect a sophomore season from Chase Young like Nick Bosa’s sophomore season last year?

+ How many OSU defensive linemen make First-Team All-B1G?

+ Who will be the toughest defensive lineman to replace?

+ If they aren’t as good up front as a year ago, what does this mean for the rest of the defense?

+ Would the defensive line be better with Dre’Mont Jones inside or outside?

+ What should we expect from the true freshmen this year?

+ What is to be expected of Antwuan Jackson in 2018 and how much will he do this spring?

+ Is there a concern about Robert Landers holding up at as a starter at nose tackle?

+ Is Jonathon Cooper getting overlooked?

+ An off-the-radar defensive tackle who will emerge this year.

+ If you can add one former Buckeye defensive lineman to this team, who would it be?

+ The Mt. Rushmore of Ohio State’s front four.

+ Is Joey Bosa the best defensive linemen we’ve seen at Ohio State?

+ The Mt. Rushmore of Ohio State wide receivers since we haven’t done it before.

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