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Accost the Field — Episode 27: Talking Ohio State Quarterbacks

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In this very special Friday edition of Accost the Field, we discuss the Ohio State quarterback situation heading into spring football and beyond. This is the third position-specific episode so far, as we have already handled the receivers and the linebackers. With the departure of J.T. Barrett, where will the Buckeyes turn? We break the four quarterback possibilities down and everything else going on with the position.

The Rundown

+ Unfortunate banter.

+ The four quarterbacks in the running.

+ This is the biggest spring QB battle under Urban Meyer ever.

+ Is Dwayne Haskins the shoo-in that most people think he is?

+ What does each QB do better than the others?

+ What wins out — the better fit for the offense or the better quarterback, assuming these are different choices?

+ Urban Meyer trusting his offensive coordinators more in 2018 leading to fewer QB runs?

+ Concern that a Haskins offense could lead to 2015 struggles?

+ The similarities and differences to the 2015 quarterback competition.

+ Tom wonders if Tate Martell will overshadow Archie Griffin by winning three Heisman trophies.

+ Tony says Martell will be the most humble three-time Heisman winner you’ve ever seen.

+ If Tate Martell was 6-3, would he be a more serious candidate to start this year?

+ What will Martell’s role be in this offense?

+ Is Martell one of the top 10 offensive playmakers on the offense?

+ The return of Ryan Day. (For much more on this, check out Wednesday’s show.)

+ What do the running backs think of the QB possibilities?

+ The possibility of Matthew Baldwin playing this year and maintaining a redshirt due to a proposed new NCAA rule?

+ What would this new rule do for college football?

+ The only guarantee with the Ohio State quarterback position this season is…?

+ Over/under on Haskins and Burrow topping J.T. Barrett’s senior stats.

+ The precarious nature of the quarterback position beyond 2019.

+ Maybe a grad transfer could come in for 2019?

+ Top 3 goals coming out of spring football.

+ Would it be better to know who the starter is after spring football and risk a transfer?

+ Listener questions.

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  1. “Shit! Six years of college down the drain!” —Senator (future) John Blutarsky

  2. if a JB offense has more QB runs than DH offense that’s on the coaches because with limited action JB is always looking to throw the ball and throws it well, just like DH. QB success is about accuracy, arm strength just has to be strong enough. I don’t care who the QB is but it makes no sense how each QB has been labeled with limited action seen

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