Ohio State Football Notebook: ‘It’s been insane to see the quarterbacks throw’

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Why Choose Ohio State Football

Every single college football program sells themselves as best as they can to prospective recruits. Yes, facilities are nice, and on-field success is definitely important, but there are gilded palaces being built every day around the country. When it comes to ultimately deciding on a school, the shiny will eventually dull and players have to find the place that suits them best inside and out.

When 5-star defensive back Tyreke Johnson was looking for his college destination, he could have gone anywhere in the country to continue his football career. In the end, however, he chose the Buckeyes, and it wasn’t just because of what Ohio State football could do for him as a player.

“I chose Ohio State because it is a brotherhood and simply because I feel like I am going to be developed by the best here,” Johnson said. “We have nothing but great players and great leaders in the locker room and they are going to help me with more than just football. They are going to help me be a great father when I have a kid and a great husband when I get married.”

How Are the Ohio State Quarterbacks Doing?

If you haven’t heard, the Buckeyes are looking for a new starting quarterback this season. For the first time since 2013, Ohio State football is going to have a full-time starting quarterback that isn’t J.T. Barrett.

This is a brave new world for the Buckeyes.

So how are quarterbacks Dwayne Haskins, Joe Burrow, and Tate Martell looking so far?

“Through the first two practices it has been unreal,” said H-back C.J. Saunders. “It’s been insane to see the quarterbacks throw. When we do routes you can’t tell a difference between the balls. I mean it’s so early, you don’t know, it’s going to be the coaches’ decision and that’s how it should be, but I’m thankful for just being able to play with those great quarterbacks. They can put the ball, if I create a little bit of space, they’re going to put it somewhere I can catch it.

Helpful Competition

Competitions for spots in the Buckeyes’ depth chart and rotation is a seemingly never-ending trial of endurance. Then, as experienced players exhaust their eligibility, those players behind them begin to see the dim glow of increased playing time off in the distance.

As they look a little bit harder, however, they see that the light is actually coming from shiny new recruits who have been brought in to compete and play right away.

This constant influx of talent could discourage some players or create drama. From what the new Buckeyes are experiencing, however, the veterans are bringing them along in order to better Ohio State football as a whole.

“Everybody, they push each other and that’s what I like about here,” said junior college defensive tackle transfer Antwuan Jackson. “They push each other. We all love each other, we don’t try to not help each other out because we’re competing for this position. With the younger guys coming in, the older guys help them out. And that’s the No. 1 thing here, we’re really close. We don’t talk bad about each other at all. I really haven’t heard anything. I haven’t heard anything, like nobody talking about each other. They’re trying to be the best they can.”

Buckeyes’ Swag

This is year two of Kevin Wilson and Ryan Day at the controls of the Ohio State offense. In year one, they conducted an offense that completed (287) and attempted (440) more passes than any other Buckeye team ever. They also finished second in school history in passing yards (3,679), and passing touchdowns (39).

They also finished third in Ohio State football history in completion percentage (65.2), total offense (506 ypg), total points (576), and touchdowns (75). The Buckeyes’ 41.1 points per game was good for fourth all time.

Heading into a second year with Wilson and Day has players excited, including senior H-back Parris Campbell.

“I think it’s great,” he said. “Coach Day and Coach Wilson, I said it when they first got here, they’ve got a whole lot of swag. They want to open up the playbook and allow us to have more opportunities in the passing game.”


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  1. Amazing that the Buckeyes are willing to give up their best QB (Joe Burrow)….would love to see someone pick him up and then watch him light it up. What is even more bothersome is that a walk on QB “Cory Kurtis” who can throw the ball 84 yards (and throw it accurately). No true QB competition going on in my opinion.

  2. I am from Vegas. Put Tate Martell in and win. He is undefeated. Fast and can pass. He i s your 3 year leader.

  3. Tate Martell can fly and pass. Put him in and you have an undefeated team.

  4. Not looking forward to facing Joe Burrow with Nebraska – if that’s how it goes down.

    1. Really, haven’t heard that one, any truth to that?

  5. All those offensive stat averages and they still weren’t good enough for a majority of the fan base. In fact some would call that a failure.

    1. No, not a failure. JT Barrett was the best in the Country running the RPO. He just happened to stink up college football trying to be consistent in the intermediate and deep game. The Buckeyes can get anyone to throw the ball 5 – 10 yards down the field or a touch pass to a motioning H X or Y receiver. NOW they have 3 guys who can hopefully distribute the ball equally consistent at all 3 levels. The offense will go from terrific against cheese puffs, to being terrific against better competition.. Records will be smashed as far as production goes.

    2. I think it was all about the short routes that went for better than average yardage that got them the stats!!

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