Urban Meyer Says He Owes Joe Burrow an Answer Soon

Ohio State Football Buckeyes quarterback Joe Burrow


Sitting at his locker after the Big Ten Championship Game last December, quarterback Joe Burrow admitted that his future at Ohio State was in doubt. Then at his locker after the Cotton Bowl he reiterated those sentiments, but also made sure to emphasize that his goal is to be the starting quarterback for the Buckeyes in 2018.

Along those same lines, however, was his desire to simply be a starting quarterback somewhere.

Burrow is graduating this spring and if he doesn’t feel like he is going to win the Ohio State job, he will be free to transfer to another program without sitting out a year.

While some coaches would like to keep a talented player like Burrow in the dark in order to keep him around for another year, Meyer believes that he owes it to Burrow to let him know where he stands once spring football is done.

“Without getting too deep, we’ve had conversations with his family, but we try to be as transparent with you guys without getting too nose deep into our meetings, but the answer is probably yes,” Meyer said on Tuesday. “My first obligation is Ohio State. But not far below that is the player and the family. And so, yeah.”

Urban Meyer watches Joe Burrow throw at the first spring football practice of 2018.

Meyer’s focus is on getting Ohio State ready for the 2018 season, but he also wants to do right by Burrow and his family. Ideally for Meyer, both quarterbacks would stick around and play for the Buckeyes in 2018. As OSU showed in 2014, you can never have too many talented quarterbacks.

There are other benefits to it as well.

“Sure, I’d love to have them both in the fall and let them keep battling it out. I’d like that,” he said. “We’ve had that before, and I think it keeps people on pins and needles. And performance, it’s science, the performance is better when you have someone, young, discomfort of competition at times, that’s when you’re on point. If it’s you by yourself, sometimes you have a tendency to be complacent. That’s something that we’ve got to watch very closely.”

Meyer and his coaching staff are evaluating the quarterbacks every single day.

How does the offense move when they are in there? How do the players take to their leadership? How often do they win in their competitions?

Those are a few of the factors that will come into play when the decision is made. Now, however, that decision has been expedited. In trying to be fair to Burrow, the timeframe for finding a starting quarterback has been ramped up.

Ultimately, of course, they may not be able to come to a decision. Regardless, Burrow will still know where he stands after the spring game, whether it’s best for the Buckeyes or not.

“We’ll do the best job we can to make sure,” Meyer said. “You know, playing quarterback, that’s everyone’s dream, to be a starting quarterback at Ohio State. We’ll make sure we’re doing it right.”


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  1. I hope he leaves. Meyer doesn’t appreciate his talents. I’d like to see him have a good year somewhere, and it’s not going to happen in Columbus.

  2. An observation: If Burrow is chosen as starting quarterback, and Haskins were to transfer to find playing time elsewhere, that would leave OSU with three white QBs and no African-American ones. I hate to say it, but if that were the case, would there be some claims of “racism”? That would be crazy, given the Buckeyes’ recent history of all-black starters – Braxton Miller, Barrett, Cardale Jones, etc. – but we live in a crazy world.

  3. This is a toughie. I saw Joe play in HS. The throws he made 40 yards downfield had minimal arc on them – and they got there in a hurry – which made me go, “Whoa!”. In addition, I think he is a better runner than Haskins.

    OTOH, Haskins has an arm that looks equivalent to Joe’s, and while he may be a little behind Joe in running the ball, you look at the throw he made against TTUN to Mack and the run he made, and it makes it extremely close.

    What breaks the tie? It’s “it” – the it factor. I don’t know what “it” is exactly – can’t define it, and can’t explain it, but I know it when I see it. It’s the ability to want to want all the pressure of the last shot, at bat, or drive – and have everyone else on the team supporting you while you do it because they believe in your talent and ability.

    It’s hard to know from a distance which of these guys has the “it’, or has more of it, but my impression is that it is Haskins. When I ask myself who I would be more upset to lose, Haskins or Burrow, it would be Haskins – but only by a nose.

  4. But he was brought in under Coach Meyer. As a matter of fact Urban was instrumental in him coming to The Ohio State University. I see the handwriting on the wall. Haskins led the team to victory over TTUN. How can Urban overlook that? Look what happened in 2014 after we won the national title. Cannot have hesitation in the QB position. That costs many good teams games. I am not a Haskins fan. Joey Burrow is a class kid and an excellent QB. I have an idea Scott Frost would love to have him, So would coach Fickel. Doubt he would go to Ohio U even though his dad coaches there. Dad and Joey’s brothers are Cornhuskers. Haskins will be gone after this year. Oh the Curtis kid played at Cape Coral HS. I follow Southwest Florida HS football and my son coached at Riverdale. Never heard of Curtis till my son and I were on a plane going to Cbus and he was on it across the aisle from us. Good luck at Nebraska Joey. My son and I love your style and your moxie.

  5. Burrow is a nice player but Haskin’s is the QB that can take us to the Nat’l championship!
    Good Luck Joe whatever your decision.
    Go Buckeyes

  6. His career stats are something like 22 for 28…. hardly lacking.

  7. I’ve said all along that I think Burrow will be the starter and I say that for several reasons:
    1. He is Urby’s kind of QB…a dual-threat guy who can run and throw.
    2. He has never been beat out by Haskins or anyone else besides JTB. He only got bypassed last year due to injury.
    3. He’s a coach’s kid and has been brought up as a student of the game.
    This kid is a good football player and I think we’ll see that soon. No matter what though, we have more talent at QB than any time in my lifetime and I’m 68 years old. I’m comfortable with any of the top three.

  8. I trust Meyer and the coaching staff to make the right decision, even if that doesn’t please the masses.

  9. Joe Burrow is the best QB on the team…he was last year when J. T. was still being given the starting job. J.T. was a great leader but that does not translate into being a great QB! Unfortunately Joe got injured and Haskins was elevated to second string. Lets face facts…Burrow was brought in under the old regime…he is not one of Meyers boys…whether or not he gets a fair chance to win the position is yet to be seen.
    Ohio State has a walk on QB by the name of Kory Curtis who also should not be forsaken. Kory has strong arm, great work ethic, and the talent to play the position. With OSU being limited at the QB position…don’t be surprised to see a preferred walk on challenge for a spot behind Burrow.

  10. nothing against Haskins but I’ve been more impressed with Burrow overall–but it’s close..either will make a very good starting qb.

  11. Joe Burrow has earned the right to start. Haskins has nothing on him. He’ more mature and an OHIO boy, let him start. I like the way he plays. Very accurate passer. Makes good decisions form what i have seen…..

  12. I’d like for him to earn the starting job. I’m not that impressed with Haskins

  13. He deserves and can start at a lot of colleges right away. The only way I see Meyer keeping him is that he would be part of a dual QB system at OSU and I’m not sure Urban wants to take that road. TM is right there with him and is also itching to play. It’s a good problem to have to decide between him and DH with TM in the wings. Wishing him the best!

    1. Haskins showed his ware against MI. That 3rd and 13 pass was a thing of beauty and the kid can scramble. Leading a come back win against MI, there is really as big as it gets for an OSU qb. While JB is fine, he hasn’t looked that sharp in real games.

  14. Good things happen to good people…

  15. Burrow is a great kid and I hope it all works out for the best for him. He has talent and deserves to start somewhere. From what I’ve seen of him, he is definitely a starter. Good luck Joe!

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