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Accost the Field: Burrow v. Haskins

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In this episode of Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman, Tom Orr, and Shannon Sommers talk fallout from the Ohio State spring game.

What did they like from the spring game and what did they not like?

Then comes a deep dive on the quarterback situation between Joe Burrow and Dwayne Haskins. Is there an incorrect choice? Would a transfer be better for the Buckeyes in the long run? Could outstanding play from both QBs prove that Urban Meyer was wrong to stick with J.T. Barrett? Who would we start at quarterback? And much, much more.

The Rundown

+ Demario McCall was impressive.

+ Shaun Wade moves like a water snake.

+ What was the deal with the Isaiah Prince and Thayer Munford switching positions? (Editor’s note: Turns out, Munford is the left tackle as of now because Munford is more comfortable at left tackle than right tackle.)

+ We would like to see more of Master Teague.

+ J.K. Dobbins is old news.

+ Ohio State has 4 of the Top 12 RBs in the B1G?

+ Jordan Fuller looked like a lockdown corner.

+ Wanted to see more from the linebackers.

+ The concern at boundary safety.

+ Let’s get to the quarterbacks!

+ No news is no news.

+ OSU missed an opportunity to make millions.

+ Is there really that much of a gap between Dwayne Haskins and Joe Burrow in the throws they can make?

+ Joe Burrow doesn’t know what he needs to hear?

+ Would it be better if there was only one choice?

+ Why can’t they just commit to a blood oath and have one guy start and then leave for the NFL?

+ Is this 2015 all over again?

+ If they’re even, do you go with the guy who can transfer?

+ Could outstanding QB play this year prove that Urban Meyer made the wrong choice last year by sticking with J.T. Barrett?

+ Verbal commitments Noah Potter and Ronnie Hickman are discussed.

+ ‘All or Nothing’ is discussed.

+ It’s gotta be hard to get out of wet khakis.

+ Don Brown goes to Bob Evans.

+ There’s not a lot of pep from Pep.

+ Michigan is a national title contender this year?

+ Listener Questions

+ Where does Nick Mangold rank among OSU offensive linemen in the NFL?

+ Is Urban Meyer tipping his hand when he mentions freshmen who have not yet enrolled?

+ Can Nicholas Petit-Frere break into the two-deep by September?

+ Will Josh Proctor?

+ The Buckeyes are three over and guys have to leave. (Editor’s note: The transfer of Matthew Burrell happened after this show was recorded.)

+ There are no proven starters at linebacker and nobody seems to care.

+ Every aspect of our lives is adversarial.

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  1. AR vs TB, Aaron can make the WOW throws but I’ll take Brady’s short throws and command every time. Regardless of QB offense will never be elite until the WR’s step up

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